Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Episode 42

the exoskeleton of the centre georges pompidou, colorful tubes wrapped around a large building

The Centre Georges Pompidou is startling and that's why we think you should visit it. And do not miss this vibrant Paris neighborhood, it has much to offer!

What to Skip in Paris, Episode 41

champs elysées seen from above: what to skip in paris episode

What to skip in Paris: What's over-rated in Paris? What hasn't aged well? What do you have to see no matter what? It's easy! We explain why and you choose. Because, really, YOU have to make a choice what's important to you.

The Catacombs and the Montparnasse Neighborhood, Episode 39

Stacks of bones in the Catacombs and the Montparnasse Neighborhood

Montparnasse, the Catacombs in Paris, and French cemeteries are on the menu today as we prepare to celebrate Halloween or Toussaint aka All Saint's Day in France. Montparnasse is a great area of Paris for budget travelers and visitors who want to experience every day life in Paris. There you can also visit the Montparnasse cemetery and the Paris Catacombs, as well as some wonderful Paris Brasseries. Enjoy the show!

Explore the Covered Passages in Paris, Episode 29

covered passages in paris: galerie panorama

Have you thought about going out of your way to visit the best covered passages in Paris? Here's what you need to know to pick the right ones for you, because remember, some are fancy and others are grungy. There is something for everyone on today's episode!

Le Marais Neighborhood in Paris, Episode 27

Place des Vosges in the Marais in Paris

The Marais is a neighborhood in Paris that features small medieval streets, amazing mansions, great shops, cafés and restaurants, as well as some amazing museums. This is your free audio guide to how you can best visit this most charming Paris area.

Extra: Elyse and Annie on the Amateur Traveler Show

the logo of the Amateur Traveler podcast and the Join Us in France Travel Podcast

We loved being invited on the Amateur Traveler Podcast and talk to Chris about Paris!

Bastille Saint-Antoine, Episode 24

Painting of the Bastille Saint-Antoine in 1715

Want to learn more about the Bastille in Paris? Almost nothing of it is left, but it has played a huge role in French history as explained by Elyse in today's episode.

Strategies for Visiting the Louvre Museum, Episode 21

louvre pyramid with reflections of the stone building against the glass

A visit to the Louvre museum can be the best thing you'll do in Paris IF you are prepared, learn the ropes, and follow a good plan. Annie and Elyse chat about the Louvre and Elyse shares her tip as a tour guide who's taken lots of people through this institution!

How to Prepare for Your Visit to the Orsay Museum, Episode 15

orsay museum seen from the seine river

Thinking of visiting the Orsay Museum in Paris? It's a wonderful place, but it's usually crowded so you'd better learn a little bit about it before you go!

A Day Trip to Versailles from Paris, Episode 14

Is Versailles worth the trip or not? Some people absolutely LOVE it while others think it's over the top. It is certainly an important part of French history and in this episode we give you tips on how to avoid the lines!