Chocolate Museum in Paris, Episode 70

display of chocolate-making implements at the chocolate museum in ParisThe Chocolate Museum in Paris is in the 10th "arrondissement" and provides all sorts of fun: learn about culture, history, and enjoy some great chocolate! What's not to love? It's also a wonderful place to visit with children as this museum makes special efforts to welcome them.

Augustins and Abattoirs in Toulouse, Episode 69

Abattoirs Museum in Toulouse: Augustins and Abattoirs in ToulouseThe Augustins Museum in Toulouse was the first museum to open to the public in France. And the Abattoirs has a more gruesome history: can you guess what it was?

How to Love Your Visit to Pere Lachaise, Episode 68

pere lachaise sign 25th division where moliere and lafontaine are buriedThe Père-Lachaise Cemetery is the most visited cemetery anywhere in the world, and for good reason. But there are no signs taking you to the famous graves, in this episode I give you some tips so you don't get lost with no hope of escape...!

10 Tips for Getting Around Paris, Episode 67

woman in the paris metro; 10 tips for getting around parisIn this episode I share 10 tips for getting around Paris easily and what you need to know so you don't spend all your time feeling lost. Getting around any big city can be daunting, and since you the language in Paris is French and not English, it can feel even worse. But you can relax, in this show you'll hear tricks that will make a world of difference in Paris, and once you know them, you'll fare much better!

Arles in Provence, Episode 66

The Roman Arena in ArlesThinking of visiting Arles? You don't hear it mentioned as often as other places in Provence, so is it worth it? This and more on today's episode.

Pont du Gard in Provence, Episode 65

Pont du Gard and RiverHow about a visit to the Pont du Gard? Annie LOVES it because it is venerable and still so gorgeous. This episode reveals what you need to know to prepare your own visit and fall in love with the place too!

Treasure Hunt in the Louvre, Episode 63

Smiling Daisy carrying a young child on her back with a faint Louvre pyramid in the backgroundHow about introducing children to the Louvre in the best possible way: by going on a treasure hunt!

Cahors in the Lot, Episode 62

How much do you know about Cahors in the Lot? While not a huge attraction in and of itself, it makes for a wonderful day or half-day visit and has some wonderful monuments you'll want to see. And there are wineries there too!

Southern Burgundy, Episode 61

southern burgundy landscapeReady for a little bit of "France profonde"? Rural France with centuries of history and strong culinary traditions and great wine? Let's go to the heart of Burgundy with Jeff Steiner!

Basque Country, Episode 60

colorful boats at Saint-Jean-de-Luz: basque country episodeToday we explore the Basque Country, in particular the village of Espelette, Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Gorgeous areas full of history and charm. Are you ready to go?