Marseille and Provence with a French Expat, Episode 118

Isabelle and her daugther: Marseille and Provence with a French ExpatImagine you're a French person now living in America. What are the places you MUST go back to when you return to Provence? What are the activities and foods you crave the most? Find out by listening to this episode!

A Detour Into Catalonia, Episode 117

Normandy WW2 Trip Report, Episode 116

Normandy WW2: Phil sitting on a war-time motorcycle and Phil standing with a veterans who landed in Normandy on D-DayPassionate about WW2 history? In that case, Normandy is sure to keep you busy! My guest on today's episode has visited many times and tells us about the best WW2 museums and memorials in Normandy.

Camargue and Gard Trip Report, Episode 115

Aigues-Mortes and Claire Armstrong: Camargue and Gard trip report episode

Southwest of France with Children Trip Report, Episode 114

Jennifer Ditchburn in Toulouse and the Chateau de Foix: Southwest of France with Children episodeVisiting the Toulouse area as a family? We discuss some of the best places to see in the South West of France in this episode of the podcast.

Top Attractions in Lyon, Episode 113

restaurant in lyon: top attractions in Lyon episodeThinking about visiting Lyon? Here are the things you should plan on seeing!

Two Dads in Paris Part 2, Episode 112

child at his place des vosges hotel, at the restaurant, in front of the Vendôme columnDavid and his husband Michael have enjoyed visiting Paris over the years and today David tells us about their second and third visits to Paris with their son.

Two Dads and a Child in Paris, Episode 111

boy with ice cream boy looking at the Eiffel Tower, two dads and their son. conetwo dads and a child in ParisDavid and Michael are same-sex parents who have been married for 18 years. Gay parents face the same issues as all other parents: how to keep their children engaged and happy while traveling. In this episode we talk about the best Paris has to offer for families.

The Cannes Film Festival, Episode 110

The city and port of Cannes: Cannes Film Festival episodeDid you know that the Cannes Film Festival had humble and even scary beginnings? In today's episode we look back at how history gave this festival it's unique French flavor and discuss early winners because we love movies!

Visiting Paris Using a Wheelchair, Episode 109

The inside of Notre Dame Cathedral with a wheelchair user in the center isleYou might think that life is so complicated for wheelchair users that that they would rather stay home and not look for complications in France. But it is not so! Wheelchair travel is getting more and more common, even in France.