Grand Prix de Monaco Trip Report, Episode 460

Jessica and her husband at the Grand Prix de Monaco

Explore the Grand Prix de Monaco in this episode. Get top tips on ticket selection and navigating Monaco for the ultimate race experience.

Adventures at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Episode 458

Christopher at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

What is it like attending the 24 Hours of Le Mans? Christopher shares his tips and experiences on this episode of the podcast!

Canadian WW2 Normandy Sites, Episode 452

Terri and Paul by a Canadian WW2 Normandy Sites

In this episode we explore Canadian WW2 Normandy sites with a trip report that includes a 3.5-day journey through must-see Canadian sites.

From Bordeaux to Marseille via Andorra, Episode 450

Bernadette and Steven: Bordeaux to Marseille via Andorra episode

On this episode Bernadette and Steven take us a trip report from Bordeaux to Marseille via Andorra. They love going off the beaten track and we think you will love listening to their cheerful report too!

Exploring the Aude Department, Episode 449

Annie visiting the Aude Department

The Aude Department is full of wonderful treasures that fly under the radar. But it's a great place to explore for families and wine lovers.

In Search of Joan of Arc in the Loire Valley, Episode 448

Kim Loftus and her husband: Joan of Arc in the Loire Valley episode

For this trip report we search for Joan of Arc in the Loire Valley with Kim Loftus. She loves to discover the places where Joan walked and had a great time in the Loire Valley.

Languedoc-Roussillon: A Journey Through One of France's Hidden Gem, Episode 446

Mark and his wife photo taken in the Languedoc-Roussillon

Discover the charm of the Languedoc-Roussillon. Join us on a trip report that takes us through Collioure's beaches, Sète's canals, and Carcassonne's medieval walls, plus a stop in Montpellier as well!

France Bootcamp 2023 Report, Episode 445

France Bootcamp 2023 Participants in front of the Albi Cathedral

What made the France Bootcamp 2023 a memorable experience for our diverse group of attendees from around the world? Listen to find out!

D-Day Anniversary Visit to Normandy, Episode 444

Phil Roberson in jumping gear: D-Day Anniversary Visit to Normandy episode

A trip report about a D-Day Anniversary Visit to Normandy. You can't just show up in Normandy in early June. It takes preparation and Phil explains how he's done it several times.

Flight Path: Charting the History of Aviation in Toulouse, Episode 443

A380 airplane: Aviation in Toulouse episode

Toulouse has played a crucial role in the history of aviation in France. Let's talk about the aviation-centric attractions you can visit!