Sénanque Abbey and Gordes, Episode 398

Sénanque Abbey: Sénanque Abbey and Gordes EpisodeOn this episode Annie and Elyse talk about the Sénanque Abbey and Gordes, stunning places in Provence and why you might want to go yourself!

Life on the Canal du Midi, Episode 393

Bridge over the Canal at Saint-Nazaire-d'Aude: Life on the Canal du Midi episodeAre you dreaming about life on the Canal du Midi? My guest on this episode shares great tips for vacationers who rent a barge on the canal.

The Jardin des Plantes in Paris, Episode 392

General view of the Gallerie de l'Evolution in the Jardin des Plantes in ParisThe Jardin des Plantes in Paris is one of the most wonderful places to visit with kids of all ages. But there are so many parts to it! Listen to this episode to choose the areas that are best for you.

The Crusade Against the Cathars, Episode 388

The walled city of Carcassonne: crusade against the Cathars episodeIn this episode of the podcast, Annie and Elyse talk about the crusade against the Cathars and how it led to Occitanie becoming part of France

7 Day Trips from Paris, Episode 386

Auvers-sur-Oise church: 7 day trips from Paris on public transportation7 day trips from Paris on public transportation: Rambouillet, Auvers-sur-Oise, Fontainebleau, Saint-Cloud, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Provins, Versailles

Les Vosges, Off the Beaten Track, Episode 385

Beautifu scenery in Les Vosges, FranceIn this episode of the podcast, Annie and Elyse describe Les Vosges, a wonderful part of France for people who love active vacations and slow travel. Looking for gorgeous scenery, happy cows and amazing hikes in France? Listen to this episode!

Favorite Walking Tours in Nice, Episode 384

CourSaleya: Walking tours in Nice episodeJeanne Oliver has a passion for Nice, her adoptive city. In this episode she shares the things she likes best about Nice, from history to wonderful local restaurants! If you only have time for one episode about Nice, it should be this one!

Nantes, Between Loire and Brittany, Episode 383

Le Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne: Nantes episodeNantes is a beautiful city at the intersection of the Loire Valley and Brittany. Listen to this episode to hear about the best of Nantes for visitors.

The Shocking History of Saint Denis Basilica, Episode 381

Saint Denis Basilica stained glass windowsSaint Denis Basilica, a place of beauty and of genuinely revolting history. Click play, it's all in this episode of the podcast!

A Review of the The Eternal Notre Dame Virtual Reality Experience, Episode 378

Eternal Notre Dame posterAnnie Sargent and Patricia Perry review the virtual reality experience that they saw at La Défense in Paris, let's step back into the past!