Survival French with Todd Newman, Episode 30

Sign that reads "Bonjour !" that greets people as they exit their flight into France at the Paris airport

Being in a foreign country where you don't speak the language well can be a challenge for anyone, but in France it doesn't have to be. French people are accommodating to visitors who are not fluent in French, on one condition: learn a few words!

Are French People Rude? Episode 9

Woman smoking a cigarette without a care in the world

Are French people rude or just unfriendly? And is there any truth to the ugly American stories? Listen to this episode to brush up on ways to make French people smile at you with a twinkle of delight in their eyes instead of a scowl!

Introduction to the Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 1

introduction to the join us in france travel podcast

Do you think it's important to find out a little bit about a country before you visit? Annie and Elyse certainly do and that's why you should listen to this podcast!