Running the Paris Marathon, Episode 155

If you're thinking about running the Paris Marathon and you want to know what it's going to be like, this is the episode for you!

Self-Guided Cycling in France, Episode 149

Ilona and Jim in front of the Chenonceau Chateau in the Loire ValleyIt's one thing to dream about going on a cycling tour in France and it's quite another to actually do it! Jim and Ilona share how they did it even though they're not athletes. It took some preparation and a love for adventure and off they went!

Hiking Around Bordeaux, Episode 144

Who hasn't daydreamed about hiking through the French countryside? 4 girlfriends made it come true and flew to France to hike around Bordeaux for a week. They tell us all about it on today's episode so you can better prepare your own hiking trip to France!

Chamonix, Annecy, and the Alps, Episode 121

Katie and Nathan in Annecy: Chamonix, Annecy and the AlpsLooking for information on what to do in the French Alps? Katie and Nathan share great tips about their active vacation in this gorgeous part of France.

Looking for Unique Experiences in France, Episode 86

Janice at a cooking class and Janice trying some oysters on the half shellJanice tells us about her love for unique experiences in France. For example, she ran both the Paris and the Bordeaux Marathons, she takes both cooking and French classes in France, she tried going to a Casino in France, and she rents her accommodations from Gîtes rather than hotels. She's one of a kind and fun to listen to!

Cycling in France with Marion Clignet, Episode 52

group of cyclists during the Tour de FranceToday we talk about competitive and recreational cycling in France with lots of recommendations on where to go in the Pyrenees for cycling, running, show-shoeing, walking in these gorgeous mountains, and how you'd go about arranging for such a trip.