Toulouse Bootcamp 2024: Francophile Adventures and Insights, Episode 498

Annie Sargent and Toulouse Bootcamp 2024 members

Immerse yourself in the heart of France with Toulouse Bootcamp 2024. Hear firsthand experiences and travel tips from francophiles who joined this unique adventure.

Burgundy Self-Guided Bike Tour, Episode 487

Annie Sargent and Howard Kantoff: Burgundy Self-Guided Bike Tour episode

Hiking the Sentier Cathare, Episode 480

Annie Sargent and Christian Chauret (right): Sentier Cathare episode

Unlock the secrets of taking an active vacation along the historic Sentier Cathare with Christian Chauvet who walked the path of the heretics in May/June 2023

Pedal Through France a Self-Guided Cycling Adventure, Episode 474

Self-Guided Cycling Adventure in France episode

Plan Your Next Active Getaway: Discover Susan & Ron's cycling journey from Amsterdam to Rochefort, France. Perfect inspiration for a French biking adventure!

In Love with the French Alps, Episode 464

Robin and Raymond are in love with the French Alps

Robin and Raymond are in love with the French Alps. They share top tips from their recent exhilarating French Alps vacation. An episode for high thrill seekers!

Grand Prix de Monaco Trip Report, Episode 460

Jessica and her husband at the Grand Prix de Monaco

Explore the Grand Prix de Monaco in this episode. Get top tips on ticket selection and navigating Monaco for the ultimate race experience.

Following the Tour de France, Episode 415

Tammy's husband on his bike while following the Tour de France

Do you dream about following the Tour de France in person? You'd like to ride where the professionals are going to battle it out? Listen now to find out how Tammy McKibben and her husband did it!

Watching a stage of the Tour de France in France, Episode 411

Melinda, Shawn and their son: Watching a stage of the Tour de France in France episode

Have you always wanted to watch a stage of the Tour de France in France? Perhaps 2023 is the year you'll do it after listening to this!

Running a Trail Race in the Alps, Episode 312

Race Bibs for Mollie and her husband: Running a trail race in the Alps episode

This trip report zooms in on running a trail race in the Alps. But we also share tips for learning French as an adult and the formula for a great family vacation in France.

Walking the French Chemin de Compostelle, Episode 296

Women walkers on the chemin de Compostelle: walking the French chemin de Compostelle episode

Let's talk about walking the Chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle as a solo female traveler. My guest explains all the things you need to know to make it a wonderful experience