Burgundy Self-Guided Bike Tour, Episode 487

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In this episode, Annie Sargent asks Howard Kantoff about his Burgundy self-guided bike tour. Join us as we immerse ourselves in the beauty and diversity of France through the eyes of those explore it.

My advice is get out in France on a bicycle. It's a terrific way to see the countryside, to see the areas in between the towns, to experience the landscape and the villages. Howard Kantoff

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On a Burgundy Self-Guided Bike Tour

Imagine pedaling softly on a crisp fall morning, the sun beginning to warm the day, with nothing but the sound of your bike's wheels on a smooth path and the breathtaking scenery of Burgundy's vineyards around you. This isn't just a daydream; it's the reality our guest, Howard Kantoff, lived during his self-guided bike tour in one of France's most renowned wine regions.

Howard, an avid cyclist but not quite the Tour de France aspirant, shares with us the ins and outs of organizing a solo bike tour that led him through charming historic villages, alongside tranquil canals, and, most enticingly, through the serene paths that cut across rolling vineyards. This journey wasn't merely about covering distances; it was an exploration of the richness of French culture, history, and gastronomy, all while pedaling at his own pace.

Burgundy: A Great Area for Cycling

Our story begins in late September, chosen strategically for its temperate climate and the vibrant hues of early fall. Howard starts his adventure in Dijon, a city chosen for its practical amenities like bike rentals but quickly veers off into the countryside, where the real heart of Burgundy reveals itself. Through meticulous planning and a bit of serendipity, he navigates through landscapes that seem ripped from a storybook, where every turn brings a new vista or a quaint village square waiting to be explored.

Cycling Amenities

This was a self-guided solo itinerant bike trip through Burgundy. Howard realized that Burgundy has some of everything. Some challenging hills, but also a lot of beautiful scenery and great food. He started in Dijon and rented a bike from Bourgogne Evasion. Another great ressource was Velo Tourisme de France a lot to plan his trip. He started in Dijon and ended in Besançon. Along the way, Howard also discovered how easy it was to take a bike on the train.

His journey underscores a crucial message for all travelers: the road may bring surprises, but with a spirit of adventure, each challenge is just another part of the story.

The Road Less Traveled in Burgundy

Join us as Howard shares the highs and lows, the unexpected challenges, and the moments of sheer bliss he encountered on his journey. After he finished his self-guided bike trip he went back with his wife in a car and loved that as well. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or someone who enjoys a leisurely ride through the park, there's inspiration to be found in taking the road less traveled, especially when that road winds through the heart of French wine country.

So, grab your helmet and your sense of adventure, and let's dive into the world of biking through Burgundy, where every pedal brings a new discovery, and every sunset promises a fine glass of wine to toast the day’s journey. This is more than just a bike tour; it's an invitation to explore, to taste, and to experience the unparalleled beauty of France in a way that few do- at the speed of bike.

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Discussed in this Episode

  • Dijon
  • Chateauneuf
  • Beaune
  • Chagny
  • Chalon-sur-Saône
  • Cormatin
  • Mâcon
  • Tournus
  • Saint-Jean-de-Losne
  • Voies Vertes
  • Voie des Vignes
  • Voie Bleue
  • Stopping at the Cluny Abbey
  • La Vallée de l'Ouche
  • Abbaye Saint-Marguerite (not open to the public yet)
  • Chaudenay
  • Meursault
  • EuroVélo 6
  • Komoot
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Howard's Path on his Burgundy Self-Guided Bike Tour
Here are the places where he spent the night: Dijon, Chateauneuf, Beaune, Chagny, Chalon-sur-Saône, Cormatin, Mâcon, Tournus, Saint-Jean-de-Losne
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Categories: Active Vacations in France, Burgundy Area