Cycling in France with Marion Clignet, Episode 52


Today on Join Us in France we dip our toes into the world of both competitive and recreational cycling in France with Olympic Silver medalist and World champion Marion Clignet.

We've all heard of the Tour de France, of course. Some of us love to watch it on TV, some of us like to go see it on the side of the road. But some of us, like my guest today, like to watch it for the sports performance, and lobby tirelessly for a Women's Tour de France.

Anyone Can Enjoy Cycling in France

But you don't have to be an Olympic champion to enjoy cycling in France! When you visit France you will see cyclists all over the countryside and many in the cities too. Marion gives us tips on great places to cycle in the Pyrenees and all over France.

Marion Clignet brings her professional expertise to the podcast as someone who works as a personal trainer. She advises people of all levels of fitness every day, and she inspires people every day to go out and enjoy a bike ride or a good run.

Marion's Passion: Cycling With Epilepsy

Seeing France from your bicycle seat is as French as it gets, doesn't it? But even if you're never going to  take a sports vacation, Marion tells an inspiring tale of how epilepsy changed her life and how she's managed to cope with the disease since her early 20s.


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marion clignet waiting at the start of a bicycle race in france

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One Reply to “Cycling in France with Marion Clignet, Episode 52”

  1. I love hearing success stories like this… I live in the foothills of the Pyrenees and took up cycling a few months ago, two years after breaking my tibial plateau and having a plate inserted and removed. Although I have a crooked leg I discovered I could cycle. I have had lots of training help from Steve at
    (cycling holidays for English speakers!) Cycling in the Pyrenees is just amazing..we have mile upon mile of empty roads and lots of hills! For anyone wanting a new lease of life they should holiday here!

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