Tour du Mont Blanc, Episode 206


Thinking about doing the Tour du Mont Blanc? On today's episode I bring you  a great conversation with Lachlan Cooke his experience doing the Tour of the Mont Blanc.

This is an active vacation: it's not super technical mountaineering, but you need to be in good shape to do this. This is a great hike around the Mont Blanc that takes several days to complete. You'll be able to make it more or less arduous depending on choices you make as explained by Lachlan.

Make Your Own Tour du Mont Blanc

What's intimidating about a trip like this is figuring out where you can stay, how you can organize your hike, what you need to know in advance, possible pitfalls, etc. Lachlan has great suggestions on all of those. Take a look at the Show Notes, Guest Notes and Lachan's own blog for all the details.

Active Vacations in France and the French Alps

This is a great episode for those of you who are interested in the Mont Blanc and organizing a visit to the French Alps. Whether you make it a 2-hour hike or a 2-week hike, you'll be able to enjoy the striking vistas and peaceful feeling of the French Alps. Let yourself be inspired and start planning your own!

Annie was a guest on Welcome to my Box Chatterbox #6, you should give it a listen!

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Hotels Lachlan recommends for this adventure


Hotel Le Chamonix


Les Contamines-Montjoie

Hôtel Gai Soleil

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Lacklan Cooke during his tour of the Mont Blanc
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Active Vacations in France

Thinking about doing the Tour du Mont Blanc? It is one of the most scenic hikes you can take in the world. It will take you around the Mont Blanc starting in Chamonix, then walking to both Italy Switzerland around the mountain. In this episode we share tips about how to do it, where to stay, what mistakes to avoid, shortcuts and partial hikes. #frenchalps

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