Cruise Tours in Provence, Episode 56

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On today's episode, Annie has a conversation with a tour guide who provides cruise tours in Provence for people on a short cruise layover. Whatever you do, don't stay on the ship! There is so much to see and do in Provence as you'll hear in this episode!

A Native of Provence

Véronique Flayol is a native of Provence and she she knows all the great spots! How much do you know about the Cours Mirabeau in Aix-en-Provence, King René, and the birth of the calisson? You will know plenty once you've heard this episode!

Have you ever heard anyone speak Provençal? This is your chance! Véronique says a few words, let's see if you understand what she's saying!

Cruise Tours in Provence

Véronique provides a unique service: she picks up cruise customers at the Marseille, Toulon or Villefranche docks. Then she shows them Provence and  takes them back to their ship at the end of the day. She can also accommodate wheel chairs, which is not so common.

Wine Tasting and Gastronomy

How about a wheelchair accessible cruise tour in Provence that includes some wine tasting and gastronomy?

We talk about the 13 desserts of Provence as a symbol of Jesus and the Twelve Apostles. And, of course, the Calissons d'Aix are supposed to be one of the 13 desserts!

And they have this wine in the city of Cassis that's highly praised. Have you ever tried it? Maybe you should next time you're in Provence, it's easy to find locally.


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Discussed in this Episode

  • Provence
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • Calisson
  • Cruise tours
  • King René
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Véronique Flayol: cruise tours in provence episode

Let's Review

Véronique is passionate and versatile, and she'll even teach you some Provençal dialect on the way! You can contact Véronique through her website or by sending her an email:

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Category: Provence

3 Replies to “Cruise Tours in Provence, Episode 56”

  1. Another very interesting episode! I have now added a visit to Cassis to my itinerary for the two days I will be spending in and around Aix-en-Provence. I am curious to discover the taste of le vin de Cassis and to visit the Calanques.
    I had to chuckle at your appreciation of Véronique Flayol’s accent as it is so familiar to me. Despite being thought of as “la petite américaine,” people in other parts of France have always been astounded that I speak French with “l’accent du Midi.” I would love to hear you (Annie) speak more than a couple of words in French to see how different your (Toulouse) accent is from what I am used to hearing.

    1. That’s good to hear Claire. I tried to find vin de Cassis around Toulouse, no luck. Make sure you try it there, it doesn’t get exported very much. As for the Toulouse accent, you can hear me speak French here, but I only have a strong Toulouse accent when I’m talking to someone else who has a strong Toulouse accent, so in that segment I sound somewhat neutral. It comes and goes depending on who I’m talking to and I don’t know how to fake it!

      1. LOL! You do sound pretty neutral. Guess I’ll just have to visit you in Toulouse sometime. I’ll bring a bottle of wine.
        By the way, that was a cool little sound byte. It’s trois bises chez nous (my family is from Générac and Beauvoisin, near Nîmes).