First Time in Paris and Running the Paris Marathon, Episode 164

Category: Active Vacations in France

On today's show you'll hear from Mike Sheppard who came to Paris for his first time specifically to run the Paris Marathon. He shares his experience about what it was like running the Paris marathon and visiting Paris for the first time.

Running the Paris Marathon

Mike is a seasoned runner, but this was his first time in Paris, so he noticed some important details that can help you make your own Paris Marathon experience a success!

A Great Experience for First-Time Running a Marathon

As Mike points out so well in the episode, the Paris Marathon attracts a lot of runners, but it is a great choice for first-time marathon runners because the scenery is so beautiful, the ambiance is great, and it is appropriate for both competitive and "laid-back" marathon runners. Mike loved Paris too, which we love to hear on this show.

Don't Go On Wild Goose Chases!

Annie also goes on a mini rant about how some travel bloggers send unsuspecting visitors on silly wild goose chases, and she gives so me suggestions about what you can do for the Journées du Patrimoine happening Sept 16 and 17, 2017 all over France.


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Discussed in this Episode

  • First-Time in Paris
  • Journées du Patrimoine
  • Paris Marathon Paris Marathon
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Mike Sheppard running the Paris Marathon
Mike Sheppard running the Paris Marathon
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Category: Active Vacations in France

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