Hiking Around Bordeaux, Episode 144

Categories: Active Vacations in France, Bordeaux Area, Off the Beaten Track in France

Who hasn't dreamed about hiking or biking through the French countryside? Stephanie, Dawn, Krista and Barb made their dream come true and in late September 2016 flew to France to do some hiking around Bordeaux.

The Logistics of Hiking Around Bordeaux

How did they pull this off? They bought maps from a tour company that also arranged for accommodations, breakfast and dinner, and arranged for their luggage to be transported to their next stop every day. They would rather not name the company here, so we'll keep that vague on purpose. For more information on the specifics contact them through their travel blog.

When it's all arranged for you, what you have left to do is walk and get lost sometimes too, because vacations get boring when it all goes as planned, don't they? They had a fun time and they explain all about their adventure in today's episode.


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Discussed in this Episode

  • Barsac
  • Bordeaux
  • Caudrot
  • Saint-Émilion
  • Saint-Macaire
  • Saint-Martin-de-Lerm
  • Sauterne
  • Traveling with Girlfriends
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Let's Review

Having an active vacation is all fine and good IF you can have fun too! Hiking through the Bordeaux countryside may offer the best of both worlds: plenty of exercise and amazing food and wine at every stop!

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Categories: Active Vacations in France, Bordeaux Area, Off the Beaten Track in France