Saint-Émilion, Episode 40

Categories: Bordeaux Area, French Food & Wine

This episode features our frequent and very popular guest Elyse Rivin. If you enjoy her episodes, please consider supporting her on Patreon.

There is more to Saint_Émilion than wonderful wine. This charming village near Bordeaux is amazingly scenic. It's also UNESCO World Heritage site, and has a unique  underground church. Well, at least, most of the church is underground. And, of course, the wine is indeed lovely!

Saint-Émilion in the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region

Saint-Émilion is in the region of the southwest of France in the Province of Nouvelle Aquitaine that includes Bordeaux and the Basque country. It is famous for being a part of the wine-producing area of the greater Bordeaux and is also famous for its underground church and its architecture.

The Village of Saint-Émilion Itself Is Interesting

It is also a small town, of great historic interest, situated in the heart of the wine-producing area labelled AOC St Emilion, one of the great Bordeaux wine areas. St Emilion is about 40 km or 26 miles from Bordeaux and only a few km from Libourne which makes it an easy place to visit or stop when in the Bordeaux area.

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Saint-Émilion village view with blue sky

Categories: Bordeaux Area, French Food & Wine

2 Replies to “Saint-Émilion, Episode 40”

  1. A friend of mine pointed me to this site. I listened with great interest to your 40th podcast. Years ago when I was doing research in Bordeaux on Michel de Montaigne, friends took me St Emilion. It was as gorgeous as you described. Thanks for reminding me of a wonderful trip.

    1. Hello Jason and welcome to Join Us in France! Glad you found us and we’d love to have you pull up a chair and stick around!