Bordeaux, France a Historical Perspective, Episode 44

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This episode features our frequent and very popular guest Elyse Rivin. If you enjoy her episodes, please consider supporting her on Patreon.

On today's show, Elyse takes us to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bordeaux, France and tells us a little bit of the story of Eleanor of Aquitaine as well as some of the unsettling parts of the history of Bordeaux having to do with the slave trade.

Bordeaux, France: Best Attractions for Visitors

There is plenty to see and enjoy besides the wine. In this episode we don't really talk about Bordeaux wine. If you're interested in wine, I recommend you check out the other episodes listed below.

  • Port de la Lune / Port of the Moon (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Pont de Pierre
  • Musée du Vin
  • Bordeaux Water Mirror
  • Rue Sainte Catherine and Rue de la Porte Dijeaux (shopping areas)
  • Many little squares and plazas with cafés and restaurants within the city center
  • The tourist office: especially good if you want to find a day excursion outside of the city to vineyards or other attractions
  • Porte de la Monaie
  • Saint Michel Church
  • Musée d'Aquitaine and Tour des Anglais

Bordeaux, France: a City for Walking

As always, we recommend you stay in the city center so you can enjoy the city night life. When staying in the center of Bordeaux, you won't need a car at all. The Bordeaux city center is full of one-way streets and parking will be difficult and/or expensive. Only rent a car if you intend to see attractions outside of the city!

But if you do need to get around quickly within Bordeaux, you could use Bordeaux's great tram system that goes right along the river. Or their bus system, which is also well developed.

Hotels We Like in Bordeaux

Quality Hotel Bordeaux Centre: this is a great value hotel in a wonderful location.

Intercontinental Bordeaux Centre: for a plusher experience and also an amazing location.

Notable Museum in Bordeaux

  • Musée d'Aquitaine
  • Musée du Vin

Bordeaux Is on the Gironde Estuary, Not on the Atlantic

Bordeaux is about an hour from the Atlantic ocean on the estuary of the Gironde. It is gorgeous to fly over where you can really see the big mouth of the estuary opening up into the ocean. But the city center of Bordeaux is about 100 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean as the crow flies.

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  1. Living near Bordeaux I know that the coast is certainly less than 100k checking on Mappy it tells me that it is only 61k. Saying that I enjoy the information given on your site.
    Thank you.