Women World Cup Trip Report, Episode 261

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Today's episode of the podcast is a Women World Cup trip report with Kimberly Haley Coleman and her daughters in June 2019. This is a family that travels A LOT and loves to attend sports events all over the world. They compare sports events in France to what they've seen in other countries and explain how you can be prepared.

Women's sports are huge in America (probably because of Title 9) and are still behind in many other countries. We talk about the impact of having the Women's World Cup in France and what we hope will happen in future years.

We also talk about practical issues like getting the tickets, getting to the venues in smaller French cities, the fan zones, the atmosphere, using e-tickets in France, and feeling safe in big crowds.

Hotel we recommend in Reims: Hôtel Continental Reims


Kimberly runs the travel company called Globe Aware which organizes volunteer actions while on vacation. We don't discuss her company at all in this episode, but I thought you'd like to know why she and her daughters travel so much!



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Discussed in this Episode

  • How was the Women's World Cup? [02:17]
  • The US women's team in soccer Is in a league of their own [03:07]
  • How women's sports got so big in the US [05:37]
  • Buying tickets for the Women's World Cup [06:19]
  • Seeing the game in a Fan Zone [09:22]
  • Comparing games in France to other countries [10:09]
  • Using the Metro and Uber to and from the game [14:26]
  • You can't move around freely once in the stadium [16:28]
  • Paper tickets or e-tickets? [18:46]
  • Ambiance at French stadiums [19:59]
  • Seeing players in minor French cities [23:39]
  • The culture of sports in France vs the US [25:21]
  • Games in France felt "more civilized" [28:53]
  • What to do about obnoxious fans [30:34]
  • Security and machine guns in France [31:44]
  • The French are proud of their culture [33:00]
  • French people are NOT rude [35:00]
  • Paris has free WiFi in public parks [37:01]
  • It's worth getting the Disneyland fastpass in Paris [37:44]
  • The food at Disneyland Paris and at sports venues in France in no good [38:25]
  • The best food is in France is in places you've never heard of! [38:51]
  • Eating vegetarian in France [39:39]
  • Thank you for supporting Join Us in France [42:29]
  • Check out my self-guided walking tours on the VoiceMap app [43:46]
  • How to pronounce La Croix [44:06]
  • About strikes in France [45:31]
  • Thank you for spreading the word about Join Us in France! [46:06]
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Categories: Active Vacations in France, Family Travel