French Immersion Programs, Episode 288

Janice and 3 other women looking happy on a French immersion programAre you looking for a French immersion program in France? This episode will help you think through some of the things you should consider before making your choice.

Will the Pandemic Change the Way You Travel? Episode 282

Will the Pandemic Change the Way You Travel?Will the pandemic change the way you travel? We asked the Join Us in France community on Facebook and received a wide variety of fascinating responses!

Exploring the Béarn, Episode 281

Pretty street in Salie de BéarnLooking to discover a new part of France? The Béarn has so much charm! Patty tells us all about her explorations of this lesser-known part of France!

Sheltering in Place in France, Episode 278

Sheltering in place in FranceWhat is it like sheltering in place in France? In this episode of the podcast Annie talks to a resident of Paris and another from Antibes.

Having a Baby in France, Episode 276

Having a baby in France: Shauna, her husband and babyAre you thinking about having your baby in France? In this episode of the podcast we have a conversation with a new mom who explains how her experience went!

President Macron on the French Covid-19 Plan, Episode 275

President Emmanuel Macron on the French Covid-19 PlanThe whole world is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. In this episode Annie summarizes the action plan outlined by French President Macron on March 13, 2020.

Tours Make a Vacation Better, Episode 274

Visitors cruising on the Seine river by the Vert Galant: tours make a vacation better episodeYour time in France is precious! Make every minute count by taking a tour such as Annie or Elyse's tours on the VoiceMap App!

Where to Settle in France for a Month? Episode 272

The bay of Villefranche sur Mer: France for a month episodeIf you could live in France for a month, where would you go? What are some things you need to consider? Where can you live like a temporary French local?

How to Deal with Strikes in France, Episode 260

yellow vest protestor facing police officersStrikes happen all the time in France. But you're not helpless! Here are 8 steps you need to take so your trip to France goes off without a hitch!

Ultimate Guide to Getting Around France, Episode 254

Modern train platfornt: Getting Around France episodeIn the episode of the podcast you'll learn both about budget long-haul flights to France and the all the cost-effective ways to travel within France!