Why Life in France Is Wonderful, Episode 451

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This episode features our frequent and very popular guest Elyse Rivin. If you enjoy her episodes, please consider supporting her on Patreon.

In today's episode of the podcast, Why Life in France is Wonderful, Annie and Elyse discuss the 20 things that make life in France unique and attractive. We don't think France is perfect, but it's wonderful and we share why we think so. Fear not, we will also publish an episode in a couple of weeks about why life in France is perhaps a little bit awful as well. Stay tuned!

20 Reasons Why Life in France Is Wonderful

  1. France's rich history and cultural heritage have significantly shaped its unique identity. The country's past is intricately woven into its modern identity.
  2. France's world-class cuisine and wine, famously central to its culture, are also a point of national pride. Despite changing habits, families still gather for meals, and regional culinary favorites continue to be prepared and served.
  3. France's healthcare system, considered among the world's best, prioritizes accessibility and high-quality care over luxury.
  4. The country's landscapes, from rural countrysides to bustling cities, offer diverse beauty, well-connected by an extensive road network.
  5. Despite excellent public transportation in cities, rural regions still face challenges. It's also a fact that cost of high-speed trains (TGV) is a concern.
  6. The work-life balance in France is favorable, with a strong emphasis on leisure, family time, and ample vacations.
  7. Art and architecture, widely celebrated and accessible, contribute significantly to France's cultural fabric. This enthusiasm starts early, with museum visits integrated into school curriculums.
  8. France boasts many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, second only to Spain, a testament to its rich history and cultural importance.
  9. France's high standard of living is achieved through strong social welfare, healthcare, and education, even though it's not as consumerist as other societies.
  10. Though a multicultural society, France struggles with cultural acceptance due to its colonial past and rigid attitudes towards public displays of religion.
  11. The world-leading fashion and design industries contribute significantly to France's international reputation, despite our personal disinterest.
  12. France's education system, although not as revered as in the past, still ensures that even the less privileged have access to quality education.
  13. France's charm extends beyond its cities to its quaint villages, each possessing unique character and allure, barring the less enchanting suburbs of Paris.
  14. The country's climate varies, with some regions experiencing mild seasons while others face extreme temperatures.
  15. Despite lacking the scale of Hollywood or Broadway, France's vibrant art scene produces quality film, music, and theater.
  16. French national pride manifests less in outward symbols and more in preserving traditions and resisting rapid change.
  17. The access to fresh, locally-sourced produce is a privilege that French people value and are willing to pay for.
  18. The country offers abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, including walking paths and "voie verte" for safer pedestrian and cycling paths.
  19. The proximity to other European countries provides the unique advantage of easily experiencing different cultures, languages, and cuisines.
  20. Finally, France's rich literary and philosophical tradition is deeply entrenched in its cultural consciousness, reflected in its impressive Nobel laureates in Literature and nationwide philosophy exams.

These aspects reflect a unique, evolving societal fabric that continues to make life in France vibrant, fulfilling, and undoubtedly wonderful.

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Categories: French Culture, French Customs & Lifestyle, Moving to France