Best Practices When Preparing a Trip to France, Episode 317

Woman placing a pin on a map: Best Practices When Preparing a Trip to France episodeWhat are the best practices when preparing a trip to France? What are some things you should do ahead of time? Annie shares actionable tips.

Renovating Houses in France, Episode 314

The city of Uzès: renovating houses in France episodeMy guest Suzanne on today's episode has renovated several houses in the south east of France. She's learned a lot and shares her tips with us. In her case the renovations went smoothly. What was more difficult was making sense of the French real estate system!

Easiest and Hardest Words to Say in French, Episode 309

easiest and hardest words to say in FrenchAnnie and Elyse chat about the easiest and hardest words to say in French. Some of these are pretty funny, let's try them, shall we?

Annie and Elyse Chat About Emily in Paris, Episode 307

Annie and Elyse chat about Emily in ParisWhether you've binged Emily in Paris or turned your nose up at it, you'll enjoy this conversation with Annie and Elyse about the 2020 Netflix hit everyone loves to hate.

An Overview of Haute Couture in Paris, Episode 291

Woman carrying a Louis Vuiton bag: Haute Couture in Paris episodeCalling all fashionistas! In this episode you'll learn how haute couture became so big in Paris. It turns out this is not exactly a new trend!

What to Pack to Look Stylish in Paris, Episode 195

how to look stylish in paris: man wearing a fitted blue v-neck t-shirt, woman wearing a shirt with geometrical patters and a cross body bagWondering how to look good while visiting France? In this episode we discuss several simple steps you can take that will work even when living out of a suitcase!

A Cornucopia of Bizarre French Foods, Episode 193

a plate of pâté de tête over a bed of lettuceFrench regional food delicacies: wonderful or horrifying? Listen to this episode and decide for yourself!

Perfect Gifts for the Francophile, Episode 94

galeries lafayette store in toulouse, franceDo you need some inspiration to find gifts for your favorite Francophile? This episode lists many that will delight!

Table Manners in France, Episode 93

table setting for a formal occasion in France: table manners in France episodeTable manners in France are different from what you're used to in North America or Australia. In this episode of the podcast we discuss the things that surprise visitors and all the things they can do to fit right in!

Tipping and 10 Things You Didn't Know About France, Episode 91

Restaurant in ParisTipping in France. Even if you've visited France before, I bet you don't know half of the things discussed in this episode!