Life on the Canal du Midi, Episode 393

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Today, Annie Sargent brings you a conversation with Michel Ravitsky about Life on the Canal du Midi. Michel is French and a young retiree. He lives on his barge (péniche in French) part-time. Michel has taken some great trips on the Canal du Midi and other canals as he explains.

If you ever think about renting a boat on a Canal in France, and especially on the Canal du Midi, you’ll want to listen to this episode because Michel gives us the inside view of what it’s like. He's seen boat renters struggle to make it work and fall into traps that leads them to waste their time. There are things you can do to make your vacation on the Canal du Midi smoother!

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What is it like sailing on the Canal du Midi?

Sailing on canals is a leisurely activity. Sometimes joggers go faster than the barge! You can't sail at night, so you have to stop and smell the roses until the locks open again the next day.

You can stop at a port where there are facilities like showers, bathrooms, water and electricity. But you can also dock along the canal somewhere if you have enough water and power on board.

One person has to be at the helm at all times and speed is limited to 8 kilometers per hour. It's important to follow the speed limit because if you don't it causes damage to the banks of the Canal.

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Categories: French Customs & Lifestyle, Toulouse Area