10 Years and 1000 Destinations, Episode 479

Category: French Customs & Lifestyle

Welcome to a special journey through 10 Years and 1000 Destinations, an anniversary episode that marks a decade of captivating stories, hidden gems, and the unparalleled beauty of France. This episode is a gateway into a world where every turn of the microphone brings you closer to the heart of French culture, history, and the endless adventures that await.

10 Years and 1000 Destinations

Dive into the origins of an extraordinary partnership between Annie and Elyse, two friends whose chance meeting blossomed into a mission to share France's most cherished secrets with the world. Their story is not just about starting a podcast; it's about igniting a global conversation on the wonders of French life and landscapes. As you listen, you'll feel as if you're right there with them, from the first moment of inspiration to the latest episode's release. Here are the topics we discuss:

  • Celebrating 10 Years
  • How Annie and Elyse Met
  • Starting the Podcast
  • Vetting Podcast Topics
  • Research and Recording Process
  • Bloopers
  • Favorite Places in France
  • Listening to Other Podcasts
  • Planning a Trip to France
  • Challenges in Starting the Podcast
  • Content Creation
  • Historical Interest
  • Meeting Their Husbands
  • Exciting Plans for the Next 10 Years
  • Favorite Podcast Episodes
  • Cultural Curiosities
  • Appreciation During Lockdown
  • No Ads Policy
  • Physical Process of Podcasting

Join us as we explore the profound connections between cultures, celebrate personal stories of love and friendship, and look ahead to the next decade of discovery. Welcome to a world where every episode is a new destination, and the journey is just beginning.

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Category: French Customs & Lifestyle