A visit to Lautrec in the Tarn, Episode 417

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This episode features our frequent and very popular guest Elyse Rivin. If you enjoy her episodes, please consider supporting her on Patreon.

Bonjour Francophiles ! Today Annie Sargent and Meredith Wheeler introduce you to the lovely village of Lautrec in the Tarn. Lautrec is famous for its garlic festival which happens the first weekend of every August.

They really love garlic in Lautrec (who doesn't?) so, the local food specialty is garlic soup. It is possible you have never had garlic soup. Having tried it for the first time myself recently in Lautrec, I can attest to the fact that garlic soup is surprisingly delicious. It is also easy to make, but I wouldn't recommend it if you're trying to shed some weight. I'll share a recipe with my Patrons because the recipes I am finding on-line are not like what I had in Lautrec.

Lautrec also boasts a gorgeous windmill and is at the heart of the area sometimes named "Pays de Cocagne." It has the reputation of being a paradise on earth. It is gorgeous and Meredith and her husband, Robin Ellis fell in love with the area many years ago and made it their permanent residence.

If the name Robin Ellis rings a bell, it is because he played Poldark in the original BBC series. When he's not acting, Robin has a passion for cooking, and in particular healthy Mediterranean recipes. He's written several cookbooks and a biography.

Robin Ellis cookbooks

Lautrec is ideally located between the cities of Albi and Castres and if you decide to spend the night, make sure to call at Café Plum after a nice walk all around the hills.

Recommended in Lautrec

To Do in Lautrec

  • Walk up the hill to the top of Lautrec where the big cross is. The walk starts at the windmill and takes you to an overview called Calvaire Salette. It's marked at Table d'Orientation on Google.
  • Go to Café Plum, a library and a café
  • The local food market in Lautrec is on Fri mornings. Nearby Realmont also has a great food market on Wed mornings.
  • Must see Albi and the Toulouse-Lautrec museum.
  • Must go to Castres and its Sat morning market and organic market on Thu afternoons.


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Meredith Wheeler enjoying the Garlic festival in Lautrec
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Categories: Day -Trips from Toulouse, Moving to France, Toulouse, Toulouse Area