Smart Travel in 2022, Episode 382

View of the Paris Opera: smart travel in 2022 episodeSmart travel in 2022: the pandemic has changed things. In this episode we discuss how to make our trips better going forward.

Acquiring a Golden Visa, Episode 377

Golden visa episodeWhat's a golden visa? In this short episode of the podcast Annie talks with Jerry Morgan and he explains how his program works.

A Month in France on a Budget, Episode 364

Heidi and her husband at the Luxembourg Garden: a month in France on a budgetWhat can you do to spend a month in France and stay on a budget? Heidi explains how she and her husband Eric managed to travel all over France without breaking the bank!

Moving to France with Children, Episode 356

Two girls hanging out in France: Moving to France with Childrend episodeMoving internationally can really difficult for children but is it worth it? Will the kids adjust to their new life in France? How fast? How fast will they learn the language? Let's talk about it!

Tips for Buying a New Condo in France, Episode 351

Building and crane: Buying New Constructions in France episodeHave you ever thought about buying a new condo or house in France? My guest on this episode bought a new town home in Provence and a new studio in Paris from plans. She tells us what the process was like and why she's happy she did it!

Travel to France in Covid Times, Episode 350

Paris metro with masks on: Travel to France in Covid TimesTravel to France in Covid Times: What is it like? What do you need to plan on? Will you get in trouble for not wearing a mask? Let's talk about it!

Tips for Paris Visitors with Mobility Issues, Episode 346

Blue sky with eiffel tower: 13 Tips for Paris Visitors with Mobility Issues episodeThis podcast episode is full of tips for Paris visitors with mobility issues. There is to much you can do to make your vacation easier! Click play and let's talk about it!

Growing Roots in the Southwest of France, Episode 344

House that Georgia bought: growing roots in the southwest of FranceDreaming of growing roots in the southwest of France? Georgia bought an old home and is renovating it despite obstacles like Covid and Brexit.

Buying an Apartment in Paris, Episode 341

Paulette always wanted to buy an apartment in Paris. On this episode of the podcast she recalls her adventures and shares precious tips!

To Airbnb or Not to Airbnb? Episode 330

An Airbnb apartment: Airbnb pros and consAirbnb has had a huge impact on the tourist industry because it is so popular. But there is a dark side to Airbnb and there are lots of great alternatives. Let's talk about it!