An Accidental Francophile Moves to Paris, Episode 407

Jennifer Gruenke: An accidental Francophile moves to Paris EpisodeHow to move to Paris without being a millionaire: save up, make a plan to live frugally, learn about the companies that can help you make it happen, pack two suitcases and off you go!

France with a Baby, Episode 405

Are you itching to come to France but you just had a baby? Perhaps you can come to France with a baby! You'll hear how in this episode of the podcast.

Toulouse to Marseille by Train, Episode 401

Kelly Young and her family: Toulouse to Marseille on the train episodeThinking about going Toulouse to Marseille on the train? Listen to the episode with Kelly Young and soak in all her great tips, one of them vital actually!

Running into Snags while Visiting France, Episode 397

French rooster on top of a post in Narbonne: Running into snags while visiting France episodeHave you ever run into snags while visiting France? It happens, right? But no worries, Patty has great ideas on how to make it all better!

How to Enjoy France on a Student Budget, Episode 395

Josh Taylor relaxing in Carcassonne: France on a student budget episodeJosh Taylor shares his tips for enjoying France on a student budget

A Brief History of the Tour de France, Episode 394

Cyclists taking part in the Tour de FranceDo you love the Tour de France? Let's talk about its history and share practical information on how to enjoy the Tour while visiting France.

Looking for a place to call your own in France, Episode 391

The village of Montolieu at a distance: Looking for a place to call your own in FranceAre you looking for a place to call your own in France? Patty took a close look at the Aude and Burgundy areas and reports on her favorites,

Smart Travel in 2022, Episode 382

View of the Paris Opera: smart travel in 2022 episodeSmart travel in 2022: the pandemic has changed things. In this episode we discuss how to make our trips better going forward.

Acquiring a Golden Visa, Episode 377

Golden visa episodeWhat's a golden visa? In this short episode of the podcast Annie talks with Jerry Morgan and he explains how his program works.

A Month in France on a Budget, Episode 364

Heidi and her husband at the Luxembourg Garden: a month in France on a budgetWhat can you do to spend a month in France and stay on a budget? Heidi explains how she and her husband Eric managed to travel all over France without breaking the bank!