Buying a House in France, Episode 239

Half-timbered houses along a river: buying a house in france episodeThinking of retiring in France? This episode is a conversation with someone who bought a house in the south of France and shares what he learned in the process.

Moving to France on a Long Stay Visitor Visa, Episode 208

two retired women riding their bicycles in the French countrysideYoung retirees explain how they moved to France recently. There were few bumps in the road because they followed the formula they share on today's episode!

Moving to France on a Long Stay Tourist Visa, Episode 192

the city of Estaing in the Aveyron: river and medieval bridgeThinking about moving to France? Maybe you could do it on a long stay tourist visa just like Claire and her husband did. We discuss what it took and get into what it felt like in this conversation.

Moving to France, Episode 131

some of the paperwork Mike had to assemble before moving to franceAre you hoping to qualify for a Talent passport to move to France? Mike August and his husband did and he explains how they went about this and lived in Paris for a year.