Growing Roots in the Southwest of France, Episode 344

House that Georgia bought: growing roots in the southwest of France

Dreaming of growing roots in the southwest of France? Georgia bought an old home and is renovating it despite obstacles like Covid and Brexit.

Buying an Apartment in Paris, Episode 341

Paulette always wanted to buy an apartment in Paris. On this episode of the podcast she recalls her adventures and shares precious tips!

Growing Old in France, Episode 322

Senior's residence in Toulouse: growing old in France episode

What happens when people grow old in France? What services can they use? How well does their health insurance take care of them? Let's talk about it!

Starting a New Life in the Mayenne, Episode 320

The Mayenne River in Laval: New life in the Mayenne episode

The Mayenne department in France is tucked between Paris and Normandy, off the beaten track and yet full of charm. In this episode Sarah Smith shares her experience moving to France and some of her favorite things to do around her new home.

House Hunting in France, Episode 318

Old stone house with rose bushes: House Hunting in France episode

Wendy and her husband spent 10 weeks house-hunting in France. They were thinking about possibly starting a hospitality business in a touristy area. Is that something you're interested in also? This is a must-listen!

Renovating Houses in France, Episode 314

The city of Uzès: renovating houses in France episode

My guest Suzanne on today's episode has renovated several houses in the south east of France. She's learned a lot and shares her tips with us. In her case the renovations went smoothly. What was more difficult was making sense of the French real estate system!

Exploring the Béarn, Episode 281

Pretty street in Salie de Béarn

Looking to discover a new part of France? The Béarn has so much charm! Patty tells us all about her explorations of this lesser-known part of France!

Where to Settle in France for a Month? Episode 272

The bay of Villefranche sur Mer: France for a month episode

If you could live in France for a month, where would you go? What are some things you need to consider? Where can you live like a temporary French local?

Buying a House in France, Episode 239

Half-timbered houses along a river: buying a house in france episode

Thinking of retiring in France? This episode is a conversation with someone who bought a house in the south of France and shares what he learned in the process.

Moving to France on a Long Stay Visitor Visa, Episode 208

two retired women riding their bicycles in the French countryside

Young retirees explain how they moved to France recently. There were few bumps in the road because they followed the formula they share on today's episode!