The Life and Times of Louis Pasteur, Episode 319

Louis Pasteur looking at a sample and portrait

In this episode of the podcast we discuss the life and times of Louis Pasteur and his numerous contributions to science and medicine.

Aigues-Morte the Fortified City, Episode 313

The ramparts of Aigues-Morte

On today's podcast, Annie and Elyse take you to the lovely walled city of Aigues-Morte in the Camargue. Louis IX created Aigues-Morte in the marshland as a jumping point to his crusades.

Remembering the Spanish Flu and WW1, Episode 310

Camp Funston field hospital during the Spanish Flu

The Spanish flu was a terrible end to WW1. In this episode Annie and Elyse recap the history of this pandemic and compare it to what we're experiencing in 2020 with Covid-19. Annie also recommends a book about Eugene Jacques Bullard, a French-American hero of WW1

French Kings and the Catholic Church, Episode 305

Statue of Lous XIV on a horse in Versailles: French Kings and the Catholic Church episode

How did France go from calling itself "the eldest daughter of the Catholic church" to the total rejection of the church by the leaders of French Revolution? Let's talk about it!

Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, a Place of Refuge, Episode 301

Le Chambon sur Lignon stone bridge and river

Are you interested in discovering WW2 sites in France? This episode about Le Chambon-sur-Lignon takes us to a place where wonderful things happened during the Second World War, which is sometimes hard it find!

An Overview of Haute Couture in Paris, Episode 291

Woman carrying a Louis Vuiton bag: Haute Couture in Paris episode

Calling all fashionistas! In this episode you'll learn how haute couture became so big in Paris. It turns out this is not exactly a new trend!

Les Grands Magasins in Paris, Episode 287

The dome of the Galleries Lafayette: les grands magasins in Paris episode

Did you ever wonder how the big department stores in Paris came about? It turns out that it's a great dive into French history and the history of the emancipation of women too!

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France, Episode 269

Pont du Gard: UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France

What does it mean to be a UNESCO World Heritage site? Why do some places in France have the label and others don't?

Chateau-Thierry and the Battle of Belleau Wood, Episode 256

Memorial Celebrations at Belleau Wood: Chateau-Thierry and the Battle of Belleau Wood Episode

Are you a US Marine? Then you've probably heard of Belleau Wood in the history of the corps. My guest on today's episode relates his visit to Chateau-Thierry and Belleau Wood during Memorial Day Celebrations.

A Scenic Drive along the Loire River, Episode 252

The Chateau and city of Saumur seen from across the Loire River

Are you on your way to visit the Loire Valley? Here's a scenic drive you'll want to take that will take you to Eleanor of Aquitaine's resting place!