Toulouse Trip Report, Episode 258

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Annie and Elyse have done several episodes about Toulouse as you can see below. Since we both live in Toulouse it's possible we don't have the most objective point of view about the city. But honestly, Toulouse is one of the most under-rated cities in France by visitors, and the one French people would like to move to the most. Why is that?

This trip report with Matthew Piette gives him a chance to talk about his experience in Toulouse as a first-time visitor. What is Toulouse like?

Why Come to Toulouse?

Come to Toulouse for the ambiance, to enjoy good food and wine. Toulouse does not have the best museums in the world. We don't even have the most impressive Cathedrals in the world. We have some good ones, but they are not the principal draw.

It is best not to come to Toulouse during the winter because, like most people who live in mild climates, we hide indoors as soon as it gets cold or rainy!

Toulouse is a great stepping off point to see much of the southwest of France, which is why we've done so many episodes about day trips from Toulouse.

Looking for the link to reserved a timed entry ticket for the da Vinci exhibit at the Louvre? Here it is!

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Discussed in this Episode

  • Musée des Augustins [6:20]
  • Jacobins Church [9:43]
  • Compans Caffarelli Park [12:10]
  • Jardin Royal [13:19]
  • Grand Rond [13:19]
  • Restaurant L'Entrecôte [17:36]
  • Restaurant Emile (Cassoulet) [18:55]
  • Musée Saint Raymond [22:51]
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Matthew and his wife Laurie sitting at a café in Toulouse
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Categories: Toulouse, Toulouse Area