Top Attractions in Toulouse, Episode 31


Toulouse Saint Sernin, Top attractions in Toulouse
Saint Sernin Basilica, photo Annie Sargent

Today, Elyse shares with us the Top Attractions in Toulouse. It was hard to limit ourselves to 7 because this is our home town, but we have to start somewhere! No more excuses, you need to come visit Toulouse! Why do we say something so bold? We tell you all about it in this, episode 31 of the Join Us in France Travel Podcast.

It is significant that this is episode 31. Do you know why?

As a native of the city, Annie is proud to report that Lonely Planet recommends our home as one of their Top Ten destinations in Europe for 2014. To which we say: What took them so long?!

Episode Highlights

  • Top Attractions in Toulouse
  • A city in the shape of a heart
  • Tearing down the fortification walls
  • A charming city
  • A city for young people
  • 7 things you should not miss when you come to Toulouse
    1. Saint-Sernin Basilica
    2. The Capitole and the reception gallery "Salle des Illustres"
    3. Les Jacobins
    4. Renaissance mansions in Toulouse
    5. Walk along the banks of the Garonne River
    6. The Canal du Midi
    7. Food Markets in Toulouse
  • The first two weeks of August are dead in Toulouse
  • The 4th July party for Americans in Toulouse
  • Civil wedding in Toulouse
  • Other top attractions in Toulouse: City Parks
  • Aviation in Toulouse
  • Food in Toulouse
  • Conclusion: How to come to Toulouse
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11 Replies to “Top Attractions in Toulouse, Episode 31”

  1. Your podcasts have been so enjoyable and helpful for planning our trip to France next year. We are going to the Dordogne (second time), but after hearing your shows, we are going to continue east to Carcassone, Albi, visit the Canal Midi, and end in Toulouse. Imagine my delight when I just read your show tomorrow is about Toulouse! You are both so charming and knowledgeable…I look forward to each podcast and have told all of my Francophile friends about you.
    Thank you so much and keep up the great work!!!
    Best Regards

    1. Thank you Robin for the kind words and welcome to Join Us in France! I’m especially grateful that you are sharing the show with your francophile friends, this helps us greatly 🙂

      Your trip next year sounds great, and keep in mind that you can hire Elyse to be your guide.

      Happy vacation planning!

  2. You, two are very gracious and diplomatic about the transformation in the centre ville, where I have lived for the past 12 years. I still love the place but all the shops and trendy restaurants remind me of that “Mall America” in Minneapolis or any of these new airports turned “shopping malls” like in Dubai, Singapore and even London- the buy, buy routine has so replaced the soul and art of the city. It’s a huge difference in the tone and the pace of the centre ville today than I noticed 12 years ago.

    1. Hello Angela and welcome to Join Us in France! There are indeed more and more trendy and chain stores in Toulouse, much like everywhere in large cities. I think it has more to do with high rent for commercial space than the heart and soul of the city, but yes, it does change the tone and that’s a fair point to make. See you around town!

  3. I love listening to your podcast! I binged listening to all of them and was left waiting for the next ep!
    This run down of Toulouse has made me rethink my itinerary for next year 😀 in a good way!
    I can’t wait!! Xxx

    1. Hello Fatima and welcome to Join Us in France! Thank you for the kind words and for considering a visit to Toulouse, it’s a lovely city indeed! Happy vacation planning!

  4. Your wonderful and informative podcasts have helped me so much and inspired me in my planning of my trip to SW France next fall. I am now including Toulouse as the final stop in our 3 weeks in the region, starting at Bordeaux and flying out of Toulouse back to Paris. However, I am a little surprised by the lack of 3-4 star hotels in the center of Toulouse that I have been able to find on Trip Advisor or Fodors. I have only been able to find one, and may book it but it seems a ‘bit over the top ” in decor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, does Elyse do walking tours of Carcassone ?
    Thank you again for your wonderful podcasts and website.
    Looking forward to your next podcast tomorrow…it is always a great way to start my weekend!!

    1. Hello Robin,

      Here are some hotels I’m very comfortable recommending in Toulouse. The Grand Hôtel de l’Opéra, the Crown Plaza (both on Place du Capitole) or nearer the train-station (hence a tad more seedy at night if you wander around near the train station) the Pullman Hotel on Allées Jean-Jaurès. Novotel and Mercure in the area called Compans Cafarelli are also nice and more reasonably priced, not in the heart of the down-town, but not far by metro. Voilà, hope this helps, and if you need a tour guide in Toulouse, I know a good one! 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for your suggestions….the grand Hotel d’Opera is the one I was considering, but I will also check out the Crown Plaza.
        Also, is a show about Bordeaux something you are considering doing??
        Thanks again for your reply and keep up the great work!

  5. Because of you two wonderful women and your awesome podcast I have added Toulouse to our vacation schedule…thank you! We will be there on Oct 7 and I have 2 questions that perhaps you can help guide me with. 1. We want to go to the Airbus Company but the webiste does not let me reserve, no matter what date I use. I know you have nothing to do with Airbus… 🙂 2. What tour company can you recommend for Spanish tours in Toulouse and Carcassonne?
    I love your podcast and have recommended to several friends who are now listeners. Thank you for all you do!!! Cheers!

    1. Hello Tanya, welcome to Join Us in France! I think it was just a glitch, try Taxiway again. As far as recommending a tour in Spanish, I really can’t. For English, of course, you can’t go wrong with Elyse! Have fun in France!