Père Noël and the Wooden Shoes, Episode 473

Annie Sargent and wooden shoes: Père Noël and the Wooden Shoes episode

Explore French Christmas traditions with Annie Sargent in Père Noël & the Wooden Shoes, from heartfelt legends to festive desserts.

How to enjoy the best of Christmas in Paris, Episode 368

Red shiny shoes at La Samaritaine: the best of Christmas in Paris episode

Where should you go to enjoy the best of Christmas in Paris? In this episode of the podcast Annie and Elyse roll out all the best ideas!

Christmas with a French Flavor, Episode 316

Annie's family Christmas: Christmas with a French Flavor episode

Ready for Christmas with a French flavor? In this episode Annie talks about the real story of Christmas and a holiday cult French movie.

Christmas Markets of Northern France and Belgium, Episode 263

The Arras Christmas Market: Christmas Markets of Northern France and Belgium episode

Where are the Best Christmas Markets of Northern France and Belgium? My guest says Arras and Ghent. Do you agree?

French Christmas Songs, Episode 217

christmas tree made of lights on a blue backgroud: French Christmas Songs episode

Many of the Christmas songs you know originated in France. In today's episode we sing around the piano and introduce you to a few of them.

Christmas Shopping in Paris, Episode 214

2018 Christmas tree at the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and sign that says Joyeux Noel

Spending some time in Paris late November thru Christmas? This episode is for you!

Family Christmas in France, Episode 178

Sign that says "Noël" which means Christmas in French. Christmas in france episode.

Ready to celebrate Christmas like the French?Here's how we do it!

At the Paris Christmas Market, Episode 132

Tartiflette vendor at the Paris Christmas Market

On this episode Annie takes you on a stroll to the Champs Elysées to check out what's on offer and the ambiance.

Christmas in Paris, Episode 95

If you're going to be spending Christmas in France, you must listen to this episode!

Christmas Markets in France, Episode 45

Chrismas decoration of the baby Jesus with a brown ribbon wrapped around it

What are the best Christmas Markets in France? Many are in Strasbourg and the Alsace. But there are also good ones in Paris and Provence! Annie and Elyse tell you about our favorites in this episode!