Père Noël and the Wooden Shoes, Episode 473

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In The Story of Père Noël and the Wooden Shoes episode, Annie Sargent presents a special Christmas-themed podcast released on Christmas Eve. The episode explores unique French Christmas traditions, including the legend of the wooden shoes, and the tradition of the 13 desserts in Provence.

Père Noël and the Wooden Shoes

In a special Christmas Eve podcast episode, listeners are transported to a picturesque French village where the story of the wooden shoes unfolds. This charming tale revolves around a kind cobbler, Antoine, who crafts wooden shoes, or sabots. One snowy evening, he encounters a weary traveler seeking shelter, who reveals himself as Père Noël. Touched by Père Noël's stories, Antoine gifts him a beautifully decorated pair of wooden shoes. This gesture sparks a village tradition of leaving wooden shoes by the fireplace for Père Noël to fill with gifts.

The Tradition of 13 Desserts

The episode also delves into the Provençal tradition of the 13 desserts, symbolizing Jesus and his apostles, and recollects personal anecdotes of celebrating this custom, adding a touch of nostalgia and warmth. The narrative concludes by highlighting other French Christmas culinary traditions, encapsulating the essence of family, generosity, and joy in the festive season.

Joyeux Noël !

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Christmas 2023 at Les Galeries Lafayette
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Category: Christmas in France