Brittany with Kids Trip Report, Episode 166

Going to Brittany as a family? Matt has some great suggestions for you, several we're sure you've never heard about!

Visiting Normandy with Teenagers, Episode 165

Normandy with Teenagers, Nancy and her son Henry

Ready for a few action-packed days in Normandy with your teenagers? Nancy and her family couldn't spend much time, but they found some great places. Get inspiration by listening to this episode!

Best Attractions in the Dordogne, Episode 160

Large cow drawing photographed at the Lascaux 4 museum: Best Attractions in the Dordogne episode.

Do you know about the best attractions in the Dordogne? Elyse and Annie share their favorites with this great list that will get you started in your own discovery of prehistoric art, early human shelters, and amazing chateaux.

France with Teenagers, Episode 159

France with Teenagers: Henry, his sister and father.

Coming to France with Teenagers? Don't miss this episode, you'll learn what catches their interest and what their favorite things about France are!

Insider Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris, Episode 157

Entrance sign at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris has a lot of magic, and you can learn how to make it even better with the tips shared by my expert guest on today's episode.

Paris on a Budget, Episode 141

You're happy to be going to Paris but don't want to go into debt over it? This is the episode you need to listen to!

Paris with Children, Episode 129

Paris with Children: Alex's children at the eiffel tower and jumping on a paris street

What Is It like going to Paris with Children? Will they get anything out of it? Sure they will if you do a little preparation! It's all in today's episode!

Marseille and Provence with a French Expat, Episode 118

Isabelle and her daugther: Marseille and Provence with a French Expat

Imagine you're a French person now living in America. What are the places you MUST go back to when you return to Provence? What are the activities and foods you crave the most? Find out by listening to this episode!

Southwest of France with Children Trip Report, Episode 114

Jennifer Ditchburn in Toulouse and the Chateau de Foix: Southwest of France with Children episode

Visiting the Toulouse area as a family? We discuss some of the best places to see in the South West of France in this episode of the podcast.

Two Dads in Paris Part 2, Episode 112

child at his place des vosges hotel, at the restaurant, in front of the Vendôme column

David and his husband Michael have enjoyed visiting Paris over the years and today David tells us about their second and third visits to Paris with their son.