Insider Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris, Episode 157

Entrance sign at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris has a lot of magic, and you can learn how to make it even better with the tips shared by my expert guest on today's episode.

Paris on a Budget, Episode 141

You're happy to be going to Paris but don't want to go into debt over it? This is the episode you need to listen to!

Paris with Children, Episode 129

Paris with Children: Alex's children at the eiffel tower and jumping on a paris street

What Is It like going to Paris with Children? Will they get anything out of it? Sure they will if you do a little preparation! It's all in today's episode!

Marseille and Provence with a French Expat, Episode 118

Isabelle and her daugther: Marseille and Provence with a French Expat

Imagine you're a French person now living in America. What are the places you MUST go back to when you return to Provence? What are the activities and foods you crave the most? Find out by listening to this episode!

Southwest of France with Children Trip Report, Episode 114

Jennifer Ditchburn in Toulouse and the Chateau de Foix: Southwest of France with Children episode

Visiting the Toulouse area as a family? We discuss some of the best places to see in the South West of France in this episode of the podcast.

Two Dads in Paris Part 2, Episode 112

child at his place des vosges hotel, at the restaurant, in front of the Vendôme column

David and his husband Michael have enjoyed visiting Paris over the years and today David tells us about their second and third visits to Paris with their son.

Two Dads and a Child in Paris, Episode 111

boy with ice cream boy looking at the Eiffel Tower, two dads and their son. conetwo dads and a child in Paris

David and Michael are same-sex parents who have been married for 18 years. Gay parents face the same issues as all other parents: how to keep their children engaged and happy while traveling. In this episode we talk about the best Paris has to offer for families.

Trip Report Loire Valley and Dordogne, Episode 82

Matt's daughter having fun in a canoe with their mother at the helm: loire valley and dordogne episode

Family vacations in France are all about the outdoors, great food and discovering lovely old towns. Matt shares the details of how things went to him and his wife and their two daughter when visiting the Loire Valley and the Dordogne.

Chocolate Museum in Paris, Episode 70

display of chocolate-making implements at the chocolate museum in Paris

The Chocolate Museum in Paris is in the 10th "arrondissement" and provides all sorts of fun: learn about culture, history, and enjoy some great chocolate! What's not to love?

Treasure Hunt in the Louvre, Episode 63

Smiling Daisy carrying a young child on her back with a faint Louvre pyramid in the background

How about introducing children to the Louvre in the best possible way: by going on a treasure hunt!