Paris with Boys 7 and 10, Episode 200

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You are going to Paris with your children and wonder how to create the best experience for your kids? We've got suggestions for you in this episode!

Paris with Boys 7 and 10 — Secrets to a Great Visit!

Going to Paris with boys 7 and 10 can be a challenge, but we've given this a lot of thought and we've put the itinerary to the test. In this episode Luke and Max reveal the Paris venues that we're pretty sure your kids will love too. Hear it from the kid's mouths, they know best!

Don't Do Too Much, Look for High Engagement Activities

With children, it's often more about not packing too much in while choosing highly engaging activities. Remember, doing Paris with boys 7 and 10 means you have to find activities that are at least as fun and engaging as video games!That's a tall order, but Paris is up to the task.

So, listen up, we roll out the best Paris has to offer for boys in this episode! We could have picked other activities that would have been equally great. Keep listening to this podcast, we'll probably talk about many of them soon!

Hotel Recommended on this Episode

Citadines hotel near Notre Dame. Great for families with kids: separate bedroom for the parents and the kids, kitchenette, cocoa and coffee in the lobby. It was really good to have especially we had a couple of picky eaters with us and we could fix something up easily. There are grocery stores nearby, hotel staff will point them out on the map for you. They're also great at calling you a taxi to get to the airport, so don't sweat the small stuff, don't drag your kids through the RER, let the hotel arrange a taxi for you! The most it will cost you is 55€.


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