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This is join us in France Episode 238. Bonjour, I’m Annie Sargent and join us in France is a podcast where you will hear pragmatic advice about your next trip to France. On the podcast, I invite travel enthusiasts to join me for conversations about how their trip went, what they loved and what they wouldn’t do again. Join us in France get support from Patreon supporters at one time donors and soon to be released GPS aware tours. More on that after the interview. On today’s episode, Emily, Magister le shares her best tips from her honeymoon in Paris. She’ll share four pieces of advice that will come in very handy when it comes to having a honeymoon in Paris. And she is one smart young lady. Show Notes and photos for this episode are on join us in France. com forward slash 238. I have a big announcement for you after the interview about the join us in France close group on Facebook.

Family and welcome to join us in France.

Mosher me How

are you? I’m very well thank you. I’m delighted to be talking to you about your honeymoon in Paris.

Yes, I’m so excited. I gotta say, I almost fell off my chair. When I read in the post that you wanted to do an episode on my honeymoon. I was very honored.

Okay, that’s great. That’s great. Yeah, well, I’m always looking for, you know, regular people who had a good experience overall, I’m hoping and who can just keep it real and just share what happened and, and give some tips for for other people who are going to be doing the same thing, hopefully. And we haven’t had that many episodes about doing honeymoons in Paris, which is surprising because a lot of people do that.

Yes, yes. A lot of people do. I actually.

Well, I hope I did that post in the Facebook group. Because

I really think that thanks to your podcast, we have just a fantastic smooth honeymoon. Like I I feel like I was so well prepared that I had to thank you. And between the podcast and the Facebook group, I we had no issues at all, it was just absolutely great. And

it was the first time going to Europe for my husband and I so

we really didn’t know anything. We’re just going there and exploring and nothing caught us by surprise other than seeing beautiful things for the first time. But other than that it was just amazing.

Those memories. That’s wonderful. So you you live in Florida, right?

Yes, we both live in Miami.

Excellent. Okay, and your, your honeymoon was which month?

It was just right

now in May. We may 21? through May 27.

Okay, so this episode is going to go out maybe a month after your honeymoon, it’s going to be very fresh information. Perfect. That’s wonderful. Okay, so

do tell what

well, first question is, what did you find particularly romantic?

Well, it was just everything it was about Paris, we decided to do Paris because like I said, neither of us had been to Europe. And

we just wanted a place where we can

see everything and enjoy each other. And just, you know, I love the history. And I love bread and my husband loves wine. So we said Okay,


So you know, yeah, we just do it go to Paris, I’m see. And then we started doing a lot of research and everything just fell into place. Everything. Everything, we found a really good hotel, we just started doing our research. And then once he told me that we were going to Paris and we made the decision of going I started looking a I love history. So I was really looking for like a like a history podcast more than anything, and I found your podcast, and I absolutely just fell in love. I got addicted to it. Just like I couldn’t stop just more with one episode, I was just I just listened to all of them as much as I could. I played in the post I you know, I think I heard all the episodes. And then closer to the closer to the trip. I heard some episodes like the ones that at once I had decided what I wanted to see. I heard the episodes again. So that way I can make my notes and make sure that I you know, like once I knew for sure we’re going to lose. For example, I heard the the episode again. So that way I would know where I need to go, what time I need to go. Because I try to plan an itinerary. Day by day. Yeah, so.

So with your help, it was absolutely fantastic. we avoided a lot of the lines, we didn’t waste time. sitting waiting for hours in lines, we really just try to plan it as best as we could. And we we really did. We had an amazing time.

That’s wonderful. Okay, so you mentioned your hotel before? Well, first of all, before we get to the hotel. So you did all of this by yourselves, right? You. I mean, you you hired a photographer, I know you probably did some maybe some tours or whatever. But you did all the planning yourself.

I did all the planning myself with your friends. And another tool that I used was Google Maps. So

I created a map of you know, it just created a map of a file called Paris. And I would in that Google Map, I would just pinpoint every place that I was interested. So for example, if there was a church that I was interested in going, I would select that and I would select all the museums, I would select all the restaurants and the site and important like the important monuments. And with the help of the map, I would just be able to see, okay, this is close to this. And this

close to this hotel, I’m sorry, I close to this restaurant. And that’s how I really planned my day, I was just, I

put together a list and I located in the map. So that way, if I was going to, let’s say memory that they and I had a restaurant that was there, I would make sure to make it all that one same day. So that way everything was close to me. And that’s,

that’s really how I ended. That’s really great. Lots of people don’t do that. And they just end up spending a lot of time in transportation. So I think you did the right thing by trying to consolidate everything you wanted to see in the movie that one day, or maybe you need to go a second day. But you know, it’s consolidating is really important. And it also helps you if you’ve been in a in an area once before, the next time you go, sir, yes, I recognize this or that, you know, it’s easier to get your bearings.

Exactly. I mean, we went to

I don’t particularly remember the name of the

church right now. But

it was just convenient. Because let’s say I did a research and I heard this was this great chocolate shop. And then I would see that it was very close to a church that I wanted to see. So I was like, Oh, great. I can just go

walk a little more, and I’ll be able to go and not miss it. And to two

birds with one stone. Exactly, exactly. So the map definitely help.

Oh, that’s great. But and the map is free. Right? You just did a free map on Google Maps?

Yes. Excellent. Oh, yes. Through my Google

Drive, and it was

it allows you to organize everything even with little icon. So if you have a church, it has a church icon, if you have a monument if I did a star, but restaurants cafes, you have a little icon of every little thing that you want. So I would if we got hungry, I just went to my map, and I saw, okay, where’s the nearest restaurant that I was interested in going? And I had a little fork and knife. So I was like, oh, that restaurant is right over there.

Perfect. Perfect. Yeah, and with Google Maps, you can drill down closer you can, you know, zoom in and out of the map pretty easily. And you can even see turn by turn, like, you know, you can see the shape of the intersection kind of thing, which is what helps me I get lost fairly easily. But if I can see the shape of the intersection, and I look around, like, Okay, I’m, I’m facing the wrong way or whatever. And I, you know, I put myself right on the map. And then I’m, I’m good to go.

Absolutely. And it also gives the rating of the place that you’re going. So if we were going to let’s say it said it was a restaurant, it would give you how many starts, the restaurant has read the reviews, and the picture would kind of see what you were getting into. That’s great.

So how many days did you spend in Paris? for four days, five, five full days. Oh, guess

five days because the 21st was practically a travel day time, the 20 the 27th as well. So we really full were there

full five days, and you think that was adequate.

I wish I had done one day more. Okay. One day more. But I think that five days was was

perfect that the thing is like my

husband and I we were also enjoying ourselves. So if we just want to do it, we just wanted to sit at the restaurant and drink wine and just not be rushed by next thing. And then we just leave we did it. We weren’t trying to cram everything. We were just we were able to do mostly everything was do that. We also added things to the to the itinerary. Like I have no plan of going to the opera or near but my hotel was so close to it. And everybody kept recommending it. So it’s like we have to get it in there. You know, we we we ended up going to the upper agreement and it was beautiful. Oh yeah.

It was absolutely gorgeous.

It kind of gave me a feel of her side.

Right? for that. For the hall of mirrors. They have a very similar Hall. That is

it’s beautiful, right? Yeah, they’re

gone. siloed they have this big. It’s a big kind of dining. Well, they can use it as a dining room or a dance hall or you know, and and it’s receptions, whatever. It’s absolutely fabulous in there. It’s beautiful. So tell us about your hotel a little bit. Tell us the name and what you liked about it.

Sure. The hotel was called the llama token. It was in the eighth or on this month. It was like

I said it was seven minutes.

walking to the opera. It was Ivan neighborhood is called La

la la la la Madeleine. Yes.

Yes. So it was a very nice, safe neighborhood. The hotel

was beautiful. The hotel was absolutely gorgeous. It had a spa, and we had access to the spa. So there was one particular day that we were exhausted because it is true. You you you walk like crazy.

We would look at our smart watches. And

we would say okay, we’ve done 25,000 steps today. Yeah. And

there was one when you’re not close your window, you’re not used to walking so much. Your feet hurt like crazy. So we were just so tired one day, and he was great to have the convenience to just go downstairs to the spa. And we went to the store. And then we went to the jacuzzi that they had there. And you know it, it was I think you had to pay the one at a massage. But for the for the sound and the jacuzzi. It was

included, we could just do it anytime. That’s fantastic. All

right, that’s great. And what what kind of price range was this hotel was one of the more expensive ones.

It was.

It was I believe it was about 300 euros.

Okay, okay. Yeah, well, it’s not super expensive for large city. But it is up there for Paris.

Yes, it was a four star hotel. And we just, we just wanted to to be comfortable.

Do we just wanted to make sure that we were staying at a place where we were going to get good rest, we didn’t want to, you know, we’re flying all the way over there. And we’re here in the United States, everything is so big. And we didn’t want to my husband is a big guy. Be tall and everything. So we just did on one him, especially him to be uncomfortable in some way that was like, very, very, very tight. So and we go to really nice room, you know, I I send them an email just to tell them that I wanted everything prepared

and that I was

I wanted everything perfect because it was our honeymoon. And I don’t know if it’s if I said because it was our honeymoon. But they gave us a room that had a really nice patio with like, a chair, some chairs on a table in the patio. And

it was great, though. That’s why the room wasn’t God big, but it was big enough. It was comfortable.

Yes, just

yeah. I mean, and I do recommend that you let your hotel know that if this is your honeymoon, if it is because then they will or your anniversary or something like that. Because they will go out of their way to do a little something special for you if they can, you know, the I’m not saying you’ll be upgraded, you know. But but it’s they have a nicer room with a balcony. They’ll give it to you, you know?

Yes. And we did we and we enjoyed it. I mean, we took full advantage of the hotel, like I said, we went to the spa. And in the mornings, you know, they always had that coffee machine and we just sit in that balcony and just have our morning coffee there before when out and you know, so it was it was fantastic.

So we’re, we’re not going to we’re not going to go through your itinerary day by day, because I’ll put that on the website, you sent it to me. And if people want to see exactly what you did day by day, because of course, like you said, you organized everything carefully. So it would be geographically, you know, would make sense geographically to do it in that order. So I’ll put that on the website and all you have to do is go to join us in France. com look for the episode called the honeymoon in Paris. And then there’s going to be a blue button that says guests notes. Click on that and it will take you to to Emily’s detailed itinerary. But I would like you to tell me the things that impressed you the most that you recommend for other people to do.

So one thing that I would definitely definitely recommend and it was by far my favorite was

doing the photoshoot.

We we you had a previous episode about a honeymoon in Paris with this very nice

gentleman and he recommended the website by its or I think it was and he said that he hired a photographer through that website and they said, Okay, let me look for other photographers. So via Instagram, I found this fantastic photographer, her name is

Gloria media. And I found her and just fell in love with her photos. They were gorgeous.

And I

I started looking at everything and I really liked

the idea of hiring a photographer because


when you guys a couple most of your photos are you’re going to be selfies your their photos taken by other people and you know other people there they’re enjoying the studio, you can ask them to take one or two photos. But you know, can I ask you every day all the

time here at take a photo because everybody’s there enjoying themselves.

So I really thought that hiring the photographer was just by far the best idea she

she booked with us the we booked with her I’m sorry. We have

a session starting at six in the morning. And I know it sounds really early now.

But it was just

beautiful. We booked a two hour session for two different locations. And the first location was at the target eight. Oh, yeah. And it was just amazing. Nobody was there. We had the entire park for ourselves. We had the whole view. It was just gorgeous. And

you have the sun sunrise. Well, the sun is already up. But you have the nice morning light.

Yes, it was going up so big. She actually took a couple of sunlight shots in the middle like the sun in the middle of us. And it was just beautiful. And we had the chance to see the Eiffel Tower just us in that part like we it was it was just not only be taking pictures, but just seeing it in that part, which has by far the best view of the Eiffel Tower. And we were just there no people around us. It was just, it was gorgeous.


I would say and then and then after the Trocadero, where did you go

after that? The photographer was amazing, because because of her, we took the bus on the metro. So she taught us she taught us that and we went to a point, Alexander.

Ah, yes, but boom.

Yes, beautiful, gorgeous bridge.

So on the way to the bridge, she actually stopped by government building had like a gorgeous golden door. It was, I believe, a palace before. And we took some pictures there. And then we went to the, to the to the bridge. And

it was beautiful. So definitely,

hiring the photographer was

one of my favorite things to do. Because now that I’m back here, and I looked at those photos, it was just so worth it. Right.

It’s, it’s an I looked at it as an investment because now I have the most beautiful photos as our, you know, as our honeymoon.

Right. And I will second that recommendation. I this is probably because I’m in France and in France, people don’t are not in the habit of hiring professional photographers as much as they do in the US. And I think it’s a shame because professional photographers will do such a better job than anything you could try to do on your own. I mean, sometimes you get lucky with taking shots are being in the right spot at the right time. But the the professional photographer, especially some of you works in Paris, will have great suggestions will have will know exactly where to go, what time to go. What to avoid, you know, they do a great job. So yes, I will totally second that recommendation.

Absolutely. In the in the in the bridge. You

would think that you only stand there by the bridge. And that’s the best for you could do. But then she took us downstairs of the bridge to like a park


where you have a view of the entire bridge. Yeah, we’re just not a little section. So that was also like she took us to little places that I was. I was amazed. And like I said she’s the one that introduced us to the metro and taking the bus. And then because

the first day we Uber’s everywhere but after she taught us how to use the metro we we took the metro everywhere.

Yeah, it’s it’s, it’s fairly easy. You guys are young. You can you can do the metro


It was great. After that. We were taking the metro everywhere. We didn’t I think we just went back to the we were over back to the airport. I was in there now. We took the metro everywhere.

Yeah. No, honestly, when you especially somebody who lives in Miami, you’re from a large Metro metropolis, but big city, probably bigger than there is even so, you know, to you this Metro and bus is not so strange to somebody who comes from in the middle of, you know, cornfield in Iowa. That doesn’t it’s not the same thing. So yeah, for you. It was perfect.

Yes. So Miami is a very, very big city. But everybody drives Oh, yes. Yes,

that’s true. That’s true. You probably doesn’t even have a metro.

I have like

a like a like a little train that goes from city like a like a smaller city to another smaller city, but most likely everybody drive. Okay. I do have like a bus and Metro experience from other CDs and from the countries that were from. But other than that, you know, like in the United States, you’re so used to driving everywhere.

Yeah, I’m assuming you’re from a Spanish speaking country, because you you can get through there. Oh, like nobody else.

I’m from Ecuador.

Ecuador. Lovely. All right. Okay, so how you’re a photographer, that’s number one advice, what would be your number two?

Number two would be to

not get

discouraged by the fact that

notre Dom was burnt. I mean, it was devastating. And notre dam was by far the number one in my list when we have my muscles. But

from your podcast, I started to listen about all these other amazing churches that Paris house.

Yeah. And

I said, Okay, I love churches. And my husband does too. We try to go to Mass as messenger we can. So we we really, really love churches. And we practically did it the whole day of touring around churches, and it was beautiful. It was

seeing all the different churches was fantastic. I think my favorite one was Lynn, Marilyn,

the motherland Oh, okay.

It was gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And we just try to see we would see a church and we would go in it. And we would be surprised every time by how around and you have all the ceilings and the paintings and how intricate the doors and like just everything be outdoors. It was those one church was more beautiful than the other. It was. It was gorgeous. Just going inside and seeing all the different architecture of the different styles of these churches and the history. We also went into Sunday or Monday. And just

know that that was like the oldest church

in Paris and everything is just

beautiful, beautiful.

Yeah, no, that’s great. I mean, for Catholics, obviously, it has even more significance than other people. But, but those churches are gorgeous, as works of art as well. So you should really enjoy them as much as you can, if that’s something that you can do. And yes, it’s terrible that not that you can’t see the inside right now. But I think it will be even better when they finish renovating it. And for now, you can walk around it and see quite a bit, but you have to, you have to know which way to approach it. Otherwise, you might get discouraged because you know, they, they don’t let you walk in front of it anymore. So

but I, from your latest episode about notre dam, the fire, you had said the best way to see a notre dam right now would be to take the batter moves, yes. And

it was beautiful. We did the battle

on Saturday night.

And we did a night and the view was beautiful. I was like any was again wins, right?

It’s a good way to do it. It’s not the only way. Also you can approach it from so if you come from the side of the altar, the villa. So the, on the other side of the river, you you will go. So the right bank, if you approach it from the right bank, all those little side streets will afford you a pretty good view to the so that’s the north side of not for them. And then you can go walk to the back. And from the back. You can see all the flying buttresses and all of that, then you can see the construction of obviously it’s surrounded by cranes right now. So yeah. Okay, so churches, and lemon land was your favorite. That’s an interesting one, because I haven’t been to them again in a long time. But it’s a very popular church in France. It’s where the last big event I remember taking in place, there was the burial of this French singer Johnny LED. He was buried there. And it was all over the TV because he was super popular and all over the TV for days. And then I was like, wow, I wouldn’t have thought that this church would be so popular. But it is. So that’s great.

It was beautiful.

Okay, your number three.

Number three, Mama.


Okay, why it was

beautiful, I thought it was different. You definitely get a different field from the center of Paris, you know, you do have to go. It’s like in the little bit outside of the center of the city. But I just thought that it was so full of character, you know, the streets are now are and houses and just the hills on the stairs, the place and I just I thought it was so so so beautiful. I wish I had dedicated actually a full day just to explore all the different streets and just see more in detail. And soccer was also beautiful. Like we we the day that we did, it was on on the Sunday, Sunday morning. So there was a lot of people there but it was beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

There always a lot of people always a lot of people in the sec. Like it’s it’s one of the also another very popular church probably more than the Midland, actually, especially with visitors. More PL inside.

There was a line neither up just so that was the only church that we actually had to make a line to go into.

But it was very quick. And they do ask you I mean, they have a section where it’s the like they’ve you can walk around it but then where you have the benches so you can see it and pray they would tell you Okay, you can only come in here if you are really going to pray and I just walk around and leave. So very few people would just take a moment and go inside and and sit down and we did but um, but like I said because we’re we’re devoted Catholics and we do take our time and you

know, sale. Right?

That’s great. Yeah, Mark was beautiful. And it has a lot of characters and like you said it’s extremely different from the rest of Paris, because horsemen pretty much did very little. In MoMA coming the the bottom of the hill, there’s a Hoss minion. I think it’s a Hoss minion Boulevard. It looks awfully straight. I haven’t haven’t checked that. So I might be wrong. But But otherwise, it’s the old streets. And it’s it’s not quite medieval because there were nobody there were no people there in the room majors. But there were a lot of shacks and a lot of it was a place where people who didn’t have a lot of money would go set up a kind of a nice on the fortune I don’t know how to say that in English


A house that you make with whatever you can find. Yeah, and and so for a long time it was that and then they started building better housing, but it for a long time, it was a very the place where modest people lived. And of course, they were also all these windmills. And that’s where that’s where they made a lot of the plaster of Paris, because they would grind the stone up in MoMA and then bake it and then sell it. Anyway. So it’s it’s a very interesting area and it still has a lot of character and my head is full of it right now because I’m writing a tour about markets. We’re looking at a lot of details. Yeah. So it’s it’s a beautiful place. It’s but you have to be a little weary of all the scam artists but you couldn’t if you could avoid them. You do okay.

Yeah, we pretty much we kept ourselves but we just enjoyed it very much. And we had one of the best meals a mock the tool because after we did center,

we started walking around and there were many, many different little restaurants. And we found the cutest peppery. It called Roselle.

Okay. And we just it’s a very small place. It was just the lady. I don’t know if there are a couple of or not, but it was just a lady and a gentleman and the gentleman was the one that greeted you and set you down and took your order and everything and the lady was in the back doing the Crips

just yeah,

it was it was just them too. And it was one like I said one of the best meals we had there and we just we ordered you know, two savory crabs and then we had the sweet one for dessert. And then we just sat down and watch people walk by and he was

that’s cool. Can you spell the name of the restaurant?

Sure. It’s Roselle. It’s ROZ

as in zebra. E Ll? Okay.

Yes. Oh, yeah, you had it in your notes.

Very, very good. The lady that was there, she was so happy. And I told her, you know, like, it was just fantastic. And she gave me her card and said, Oh, please, if you could, if you could give us a review on all that. So I thought she was so cute. I even took a picture of her and she posts for me with her little crop thing. And I sent you that picture. It was just the most adorable little plays with like, the nicest to people. And they were very patient with us and

good. Yeah. And I will put post photos of both the professional photographer and photos you send me I use them these days. I don’t put so many photos on the website because there’s so many posts by now it’s getting massive. And I don’t want to put too many photos on the site. But I do use all these photos too. If you follow join us in France on Facebook or Pinterest or on Instagram, you will see all these photos. So that’s that’s where you can see them. Alright, so that was number three. What was your number four?

My number four was like I said our trip was all about our honeymoon. So

my number four was doing a nice dinner

on originally when I was listening to your eye for towel episode, I saw that you know the Eiffel Tower has two restaurants. And when I tried to book at the fancier restaurant the

Zhu Zhu burn Yeah.

You need to book with a lot of time in advance and I guess I was not in that window. I

know dates were available for for the time that we were going to be there I think you have to book like three months in advance. Yeah, you probably

for that restaurant. So

So I said okay, what’s what’s the next best thing I started looking for? For other restaurant and I found a Lucille which is in Bangkok now, I believe.


No, no, no, my partner is a big tower is a

hold on us. Okay, okay. Yes.

So the restaurant is located at the top of that big tower. And it just has a panoramic view of, of Paris, and a direct view of the Eiffel Tower. Yeah.

That’s where I did that time last video. And that’s the one that I posted in the Facebook group. And it was just fantastic. I made the reservations, I send them the email. And that was, you know, that was our splurging

night, you know, good

to have a nice dinner. And it was great. It was just the experience of dressing up and going to the restaurant and having a very nice table and ordering whatever we wanted. And we have that view. So it was very romantic. We just wanted to have, you know, the whole trip was very special. We just, we just wanted one dinner, that to make it that much more special. And just celebrate being there. And, you know, being on our honeymoon and everything. So

it was, it was one

thing that we have that view and you really

do have

the best view of Paris and of the Eiffel Tower from that you make if you make a late, late reservation, like late at late at the time late. So my reservation was at 10 by we sat down and we started ordering and eating all around 1030. So at 11 we got to see it.

sparkle. Yeah, having dinner. And we’re like we were just

and that’s when we took the video. So we just put the put the cell phone

right there on the on the window over where we’re sitting, and we just let her record while we’re having dinner.

Great. Yeah.

Fantastic. And it was not expensive at all. I thought it was going to be more but really it wasn’t it was like a regular meal.

I think it’s

not a super restaurant with tons and tons of people go there’s so many restaurants in Paris. But this one is this one is is that’s a good recommendation. Because you do get a beautiful view.

You get a beautiful view, good good food for the value. We spend what we spend in that restaurant and other places and we did not get the same quality or the view there are you so it was really one of my favorite places to go. You’re not breaking the bank, you’re still have that very nice experience. Everybody goes there is very, you know, you know that it’s for a special occasion. Yeah, people are going there for for any dinner. And it was great. And we had a fantastic waiter and he just kept refilling our wine glasses, and we thought Oh my God, he’s gonna charge us. We’re gonna have to wash the dishes.

He just kept refilling our glasses and and then

I think he just like

he, I think he did it just to be nice, I guess I really don’t know. But our bill was not as high as we thought it was going to be. We order whatever. Why don’t we got dessert? You full entries. You know, it was great.

And probably a bottle of wine in a place like that is what 20 euros a bottle or something.

We were gonna

play the glass. We did

a borrow but I mean, a plate was about 30 to 40 euros. And for now it wasn’t AC Yes. It wasn’t crazy about Spencer. That’s about how much it it is

out of regular restaurant. I mean, yeah. For a nice dinner, you know?

Yeah, yeah. Excellent.

All right, what was your number five? I didn’t have prepared a number five. But


well, they don’t have to have a number five. We have four wonderful things already.

Know, that’s great. That’s great. I’m so happy that you had a good time. I mean, we’ve never met but you seem like an awfully nice person. And you know, it just warms my heart that when people prepare their trip with the podcasts and find it really helpful. Because to me, the a lot of the a lot of the information, a lot of travel information you find out there is canned. It’s it’s totally fake. I mean, it’s not fake, per se, but it’s it’s not what you’re really going to experience. And so it’s To me, it’s really important to just have normal conversations with people about how it went. So is there something that you might not do? Again, if you go back to Paris that you you know, you were like, yeah, this is okay, but now my favorite. Chefs

me say was okay, but not my spirit. Like, I’m glad we want but we walked it just to get to the Arc de Triomphe. And,

but, you know, it was very commercial. It felt like

a shopping mall.

It felt like an open door shopping mall. And, you know, we we just walked out, I wouldn’t go back. I didn’t think anything really special of it.

Another thing I wouldn’t do, really, and I,

the Latin quarters, for me was very, extremely touristy,

the last quarter.

Very busy. I don’t know if it was dope. We went there, the one day it rained on us. And

it was right after the rain had stopped. So it felt like everyone was on this street. And it just felt very busy and touristy and people trying to like, buy, it was great

for souvenir shopping. That’s where I bought because I remember that

episode with you on the lease, saying that. It’s great for buying souvenirs and you find a great price for the things that if you were to buy at other places, you have much higher prices. So it was great for souvenir shopping and everything. But

I don’t know, at the deadline quarters wasn’t really,

you know, or favorite. I mean, and it’s true that

there are areas of Paris, like where the Latin Quarter and sunshine and the play overlap. It’s extremely touristy. So you know. And it’s very, very busy. So yeah, if it’s if it’s not, yeah, it’s suit some people but others not too much. So I get that.

So it wasn’t, we really didn’t love that. But other than that, we had a great time, everywhere we went

on your list, you said you wouldn’t go to back to the Picasso Museum. You didn’t think there was any good?

We just,

we just didn’t enjoy it. One of the best things I think there is, is the museum pass the museum pass. Just perfect. So we took advantage the when we were at Emory. I was like I want to go to the museum to the museum. And it was very pretty, but I just I wasn’t impressed. I wouldn’t go back.

I saw it and that’s it.

Yeah. Yeah, the building itself is interesting. The art obviously is super famous. And he also did some fabulous things. But you see some of his less famous pieces in this museum. And you realize that he was messed up in the head.

At least that’s my opinion.

I think I think my favorite museum was your dream. Ah, the thing that’s, that’s the one that I really just enjoy the most. And just seeing Monet’s water lilies and I just sat down and just I was hypnotized.

It was I think that was my favorite. And then

it might lyst Bye, but I’m so glad we wanted it ended up being one of my favorite.

Right. So that’s the great thing about getting the museum passes that you think I wouldn’t have shelled out 16 euros to go in here. But I’m so glad I came because it was cool. It was fun. Yeah, you just pay the pay for the museum pass. And then you’ll be tempted to go in and just look. And if you don’t like it, you can leave right away. But if you do like it sometimes you will be very surprised how how lovely these places are. They touch you in some way. You know, they might not touch me, but they touch you. And that’s what matters.

Absolutely. We got the one for the four days, which we really when you do the math, I don’t know exactly off the top of my head. The difference in prices, but I think it’s just a $12 difference between the two day and the four day. Uh huh.

Yes, it’s not that much more. Yes, you might as well. Yeah.

We thought okay, we’re there for five full days. We’re going to be going everywhere. There’s million museums, everything. Everywhere we go. There’s, there’s a museum and we really wanted to go to Versailles. And that was included in Versailles. So um, yeah. We said let’s buy the for day one. And it was it was perfect.

What do you think of si?

I loved it. Yeah. I loved it. I think it was great. Like, again, you were totally right. And we went in the afternoon.

We took the metro and we went out about 130 or 1pm. And we did not have to make a line at all. And by that time a lot of the people were in the outside part like in the gardens. Yeah. So we we really went in No, no lines at all. We were able to take great pictures. We didn’t have to wait we could explore the inside and then after that we got hungry. So we had lunch at Angelina huh? And that was great.

Lunch there couple of

ads got the services grade, you know, they give you the option of whether you want something if you want to unless you know like a like a material style where you just buy and you can sit and pick your seat and everything or you want the the dining restaurant where they giving them the menu and everything. So we chose the menu and we sat down. It was great service, great food.

Great desserts, the desserts were

mobile and mobile is my personal favorite.

It was great. Which ones that?

It’s one it’s a chestnut cream?


yes. Yes, it’s it was a Chester Chester paced. It’s it’s very unique and inside it has merengue. But it’s very heavy because chestnuts chestnut paste is really heavy. And it probably has a million calories just in the desert. But you know, I only get it there so that often.

You can’t be calorie counting when you’re in pairs.

And don’t count two glasses of wine too much either.

And that’s what’s our mentality. We’re like, we’re here. You’re doing it.

really talented. But while we’re here, we’re eating all the brands, desserts and pastries and wine and everything we can so yeah.

Yeah. So

after launching Angelina then we took the we took out the little train that they have in Versailles that you that they take you around all the garden, they take. We went to Maria Antonia apartment and yeah, another fortunate they give you and they have like a little town where they have another Angelina, but it’s like located outside. And

it was it was very nice. Yeah, no, it’s it’s

definitely I think it’s worth seeing once but it will take at least a full half day. So you know, you have to know it takes a while to get out there and, and back. But you did it right. Don’t arrive. Lots of people say go first in the morning. And I keep saying no. Because I’m everybody else is thinking the same thing. Just go around lunchtime. And then. And then there’s a definite low at lunchtime. Either that or book one of the guided tours. That only website does. The private of the kings private apartments, they fill up but if you can get that it’s fantastic. It’s I think it’s 15 euros or something. And I’ve done it a few times great guides every time they always speak good English. Let’s I recommend that but yeah, book it separately with their website. You know, don’t ask me. I can’t tell you that. But but it’s it’s it’s a good thing to do. So yeah. Yes, it is. Well, you enjoyed your site. That’s great.

It was awesome. It was the data we in the morning that that morning was the day that we had the photoshoot. Then we went to Lamar a and then after that, we said okay, let’s go to her side. So about that time, let’s go to Riverside, and we were there from maybe 130 or 2pm until like probably six

to head back. It was just perfect. It wasn’t that hard anymore and was not crowded. When we were arriving. Like I said a lot of people were already eating big crowds were already eating. Yeah, big buses were loading. So we’re like, Okay, great. We missed the rush. And it was perfect. Time to go. Right.

Okay. And you did you did a very good job at your, your guess notes, because you explained very well, you did a packing list. That’s great. So recommend people check out the podcast page for this, I can tell you like, let me see, it’s going to be Episode 238. So you go to join us in France. com forward slash 238. And you will see, you will get to the main page, where it’s my summary of our conversation and then Emily’s notes will be linked to there. So do that. It’s it’s going to be very helpful for you. Emily, you have been wonderful. Thank you so much.

Awesome. No, my pleasure. I

didn’t forget anything that you wanted to mention. No, no,

um, I just wanted to say that, like your podcast made it so helpful. Even my husband was like, Wow, you really know what you’re doing. I was like, it’s all the podcast

is great. And it was just fantastic. And then

it’s not so hard. Once you there’s a few you need to know, but then it’s not so hard.

No. And I just think that you just need a little preparation.

I know there’s a lot of people that just like to go and wing it and see how it goes. But I just think that you’re you’re, you’re if you’re not prepared, you’re vulnerable to maybe not have that great experience like I did, I we had just a fantastic, fantastic experience just by doing a little doing a little homework, just doing a little research, taking some notes, you know, like, and it wasn’t hard, like I was listening to your podcast while I was driving or while I was cooking. And then if I heard something that like really got to me, I would make notes and then go back to that episode or something, which is

I found your podcast so entertaining that I was just listening to whatever episode it was, I was listening to them, I would I would let it change by itself and just listen to it.

Wow. Well, that’s great. That’s great. You’re too kind. You’re too nice. Thank you so much. Well, thank you for giving back. Because honestly, I couldn’t do this podcast without people like you who offered to be on the podcast. And you know, sometimes people are shy, and they don’t want to write to me and say, Oh, can I be on your podcast? I have to just reach out to them. And many of them when they reach out to us? Yes, sure, you know, but it is a little bit of work to come on the podcast for you. Because you do have to make a nice list. And you have to do you know, we have to prepare a little bit before we chat. So it’s a constructive conversation. Let’s put it that way.

It was It was great. When you told me that you were you know, when I had posted I that post was meant for me to thank you for


how helpful it was. And the Facebook group to the Facebook group face was fantastic. Because whenever I would have little questions like, okay, where can I? Where can I find heroes? Like what’s my best option of buying heroes? Where, and, and how and all that stuff. And they everyone was always very hopeful. You would post a question, you would get a million words, responses and everything. So I said, I posted the video just to share and thank you. And then when you replied and said, I love you to have you on the podcast. I called my husband. I was like

I was like Oh,

wonderful. So

all right. Thank you so much, Emily. And hopefully you’ll come back to France at some point. And congratulations for for being as young as you are to have done all this prep work because I think young people are more likely to just wing it. And I used to when I was younger, I used to go places and wing it. And then I’d hear later Oh, did you go see that? And like no, I didn’t know was there?


you know, you end up wasting a lot of time doing stuff you shouldn’t and so congratulations for doing the framework and all of that.

Thank you, man.

Thank you for doing this podcast for all of us. I mean,

I couldn’t I couldn’t believe that so much information so worth the was just it’s just available to you with Yep.

It’s it’s there. So just out there.

And if you liked this episode, share it with people just tell them if you know somebody who’s going on a honeymoon to Paris, send them a link so they can so they can get inspired by what Emily did.

No, thank you,


Let’s see me. Okay.

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Hmm interesting how I did it. This guy did it.

You can do it too. Oh wow. And I will talk to you next Sunday. The join us in France travel podcast is written and produced by Annie Sargent and copyright 2019 by addicted to France. It is released under a Creative Commons Attribution non commercial no derivatives license.

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