Show Notes for Episode 135: Why Is Napoleon Buried at Les Invalides in Paris?

How the Marais Neighborhood Was Almost Razed, Episode 103

Place des Vosges in the MaraisEverybody loves the Marais neighborhood in Paris today, but at one time it was on the chopping block to make room for a monstrosity. How did that happen?

Show Notes for Episode 103: How the Marais Neighborhood Was Almost Razed

The Battle of Agincourt, Episode 89

medieval helmet and glove: the battle of agincourt episode

Louis XIV Miraculous Child, Episode 87

Louis XIV on a horse: Louis XIVIn our on-going series about French history, Annie and Elyse take a look at the amazing story surrounding the birth of Louis XIV.

The Pantheon in Paris, Episode 71

Pantheon seen from the outside on a sunny dayIn this episode I give you some background on the Pantheon so you can decide if you'd like to visit it next time you're in Paris. I also address some of the controversial topics having to do with the Pantheon. Why are there so few women in the Pantheon? Why were some people taken out of the Pantheon? What does it feel like visiting the Pantheon? Four new greats were introduced into the Pantheon in June 2015. Who are they?

Show Notes for Episode 71: The Pantheon in Paris

The Pantheon in Paris is wonderful for people who love creepy crypts and French history. But is it for you? What will you see there?

Napoleon in Paris, Episode 58

The Carroussel du Louvre in Paris: Napoleon in Paris EpisodeToday we talk about Napoleon in Paris. Specifically how Napoleon changed Paris physically and how he left his mark on all French institutions. Under Napoleon France transformed itself from the "Ancien Régime" to a "modern" society. We don't discuss the Napoleonic conquests, but rather his long-lasting influence on France.

Bastille Saint-Antoine, Episode 24

Painting of the Bastille Saint-Antoine in 1715La Bastille Saint Antoine is an area of Paris that has enormous significance in French history, yet only lives in our memory. Elyse tells us who build La Bastille, what it was for, and how it became so important in French history. Voltaire was imprisoned in the Bastille, along with a lot of other famous and important people over the years. In this episode, we also talk about Bastille Day, a wonderful celebration all over France and how you can participate if you are in France this week.

Transcript and Photos for Episode 18s: D-Day History, Normandy Invasion Special