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This is join us in France Episode 243. Bonjour, I’m Annie Sargent and join us in France is the podcast where you will hear pragmatic advice about your next trip to France. And hopefully you’ll get inspired to do beyond Paris and enjoy the rest of France. Although today we’re staying in Paris. On the podcast, I invite travel enthusiasts, such as my friend, Patricia Perry to join me for a conversation about Paris because Patricia is an American who lives in Paris and she knows he really really well and I’m recording this from her apartment with different microphones so the sound may be a little bit different, but hopefully it’ll be good enough. Okay, let’s see. Oh, and I’m using a trackpad to weird device that I’ve never used before to. The show notes and photos for this episode are on join us in France. com forward slash 243

Patricia was Ronnie How are you very well we don’t have you here. No. So nice to be here with you. So we are today we’re talking about visiting cookware stores in France or maybe you could call them kitchen where what’s the

right word? kitchen supply store and to supply store.

Yeah, and there’s a bunch of them in Paris right around the island, and we thought it would make for good or bad So because you can probably visit all of them in what an hour to an hour to


Yeah, depending on how much time you spend any store, but you could do this in two hours. And Leah, Allah is very central Paris, it’s extremely easy to get to. So if you are a cook or somebody who wants to become Julia Child’s This is what you need to do. So we’re going to start with this place called do Bry dolla cuisine, which means noise in the kitchen. And I didn’t like it as much as the others.

Yeah, it’s the French version of sola tabla or William Sonoma is the closest counterpart that you will find in the US

right is very much like that. It’s like, yeah, too much.

Yeah, I didn’t. I didn’t find too much soul in there. And it’s been it’s more general nuts, not specialized. Most of the other stores have some sort of specialty Yeah.

Yeah, and and it’s not like it’s not different from things you could see in America. You know, I mean, you could get all that stuff in America, I’m quite sure. But it’s still worth a visit because it’s quite, I mean, it’s on the surface around the island. So it’s very easy to find. So if you facing the

sun, you’re right. I don’t remember if I went right. Up top, it’s easy to forget.

But it is. It’s on. It’s on the ground level. Yeah. Do not go down into the labyrinth.

Although, friends can be pretty good, too. Alright, so our second stop is actually the reason why you went with your friend is called the cohort EF.

Yeah, and this is a store that really specializes in things for pastry chefs. So all kinds of little moles and fruit, fruit things and specialty boxes and decorations that people that are Making pastry. And my friend, Sherry Kwan from Taiwan is selling some new type of moles that are made from fiberglass and silicon. And they were interested in perhaps buying these from her. Yeah. It was wonderful as the first store we went to and they boom, they were interested. They love that they love. I’m hoping she gets a good sale out of that.

Yeah, so I have plenty of photos to remind us. Let’s see, because I went back later and took a lot of photos. So let’s see. So we’re talking about bear with us, everybody. It was called the coup d’etat. Didn’t it for them the cobija? Maybe I didn’t skip that. It looks like I might have skipped that one. Cuz I don’t have any photos of it. Yeah, yeah, it’s fine. Anyway, but you thought it was good. Yeah.

I mean, if you’re into pastry, these are all the kinds of things that somebody that likes to make pastry would, would need Yeah. Whether you’re professional or just a high end amateur person, but all kinds of things that I didn’t know what they were for.

Yeah. bits

and bobs, you need a teeny tiny little trick and

finish wait.

Okay, then we then you went to more ha,

yeah. Which is a once you’ve had quite a few pastry things too, and a lot of little French thing. So, you know, it’s a, it’s a good stores, just Baby, you know, 50 meters down the street, like you say these are all very close together. And now the shops are very big. So they don’t take long unless you’re looking for something in particular, right?

Yeah, Maha was, let’s see. Oh, yeah, it was also it also had a lot of pastry kinda.

Yeah, I would say not as much as it had more than just pastry things but many pastry things. Yeah,

yeah. So yeah, here’s like the little

Like the little decorative sparkles and whatever that you can’t really find in a

little alley that has like the packaging for you know what they these fancy little gold boxes to put things in and the little decorative things they put on top of pastries.

Like if you want stuff to make a scar go you can get it there the serving things they have all the pots and pans and they have your bachelor’s and

fancy knives. Yeah,

and they have some really nice color. Yeah, copper stuffers like wow, that’s nice looking. I have you ever cooked with copper? I don’t.

It’s I think it’s just I mean, it’s beautiful and it works well but you’re in terms of maintenance, a lot higher maintenance and

you know, riding steel, so

just decorative. You can’t use it, but yeah, it Take care.

Yeah, some look through my photos of Mohan. It’s, you know, a lot of

molds to make

Yeah like if you want to take home some molds to make Madeleine while you’d find them really easily at any of those stores.

Madeline said classical French can only can only

they have all the shapes that you need the souffle or or canal so canal is a dish from yo yo yeah and and it’s it’s a funky shape and you can buy this little silicone mold to make this to make all sorts of trouble but it’s savory not sweet it is savory. Yes, yes. Yes usually like it’s a mix of bread and milk and or cream and fish and it’s molded. And they also sell the little, the little wedding cake toppers. So they have some black couples but they don’t have unisex couples yet. We’re working on it. We’re working on it.

They’ll get there eventually, I think

Okay, the next one we went to well, we I walked past Buddha, but it was closed for renovations. But you went Yeah, I went there but and they were basically destocking everything trying to sell everything off their shelves because they’re doing a major renovation inside the store. So and they have a good, different like to like at least two stories and they have a good selection of professional type equipment. You know, knives and moles and it’s a good it’s a good selection of specialty objects.

Yeah, yeah, that’s cool. And then I went to this place called GD to CG do but it’s funny because in friendship means do I have some of everything which is is adorable be they really do. It’s like it’s their funky they have its ancient Yes, a tiny and ancient. It’s not Very big. You go in there and they have Okay, let me let me play these photos because it’s free. So it says it’s pull up to pull up sec electricity. So offer pastry cooking and increasing. So they will have like it’s a very specialized French. And so they have cans of these specialized regional foods that we don’t really that much anymore. But they have coffee, new blue. They have who cannot see. So it’s not is it? It’s a deck and the neck of a duck that’s been stuffed. And this is something that they sell a lot in the southwest. It’s a it’s something that people love. I grew up I had a good friend whose mother made duck products and so I’ve enjoyed it.

Better mouse all parts and pieces of the duck

right so guy for season is like a stuffed quail you know can Buddha up so if you want like black sausage dude that’s awesome to take back to America it’s in again so all any of these cans things I think would you might want to we probably won’t have any problems taking them home so they have all sorts of patties made from you know bore and what am I looking at dark and but the the moon muscle so it’s a it’s a town in France so if you want it they make a special flavor. So you know it’s it’s like just crazy Russia how beautiful on this. I have never eaten that like it’s so weird thing. Of course duck fat, which if you’re serious cook you need to supply yeah you need to that fat you I mean always have a thing that that fat in my fridge. And then they sell all these specialty mustards. So mustard with Dallas Dallas,

the, you know, Chino there’s a Meijer store and custom Atlanta has all the different kinds of mustard there too.

That would be good, but just the one but it looks like it’s the other one brand anyway. So all sorts of, you know, truffle mustards and stuff. And I think those make for a nice good gifts, because they’re very French. And so long as you have a checked bag, you’d be fine. You need to check back for this because it’s kind of not solid. So they would confiscate I’m pretty sure if it was in a in a carry on. Let’s see Yeah, Muhtar. The movie really thinks that mustard with walnuts with his toggle. So that is Tom Hardy senior in English. It’s target terragon. That’s right. Anyway just consistency Yeah. Without O’Casey’s to do without the long without the big leak so base or mustard you know also IN they also have of course all sorts of jams the Convert the coffee tool jams that are big thing in France. Well in most countries really. Anyway it’s a very small store and they also sell nuts and decorative things for your pastries all kinds of chocolate yes chocolate things yes they do baking with chocolate

you’ll find whatever kind of chocolate you want there.

Right But especially I took a lot of photos of stuff that people might want to take home. So anyway if you have a gourmet cook that you know and that you need a gift for, I think she do to be a good place to go because they really have a ton of things. And they were pretty friendly to the some of the speakers. I took so many photos. Some of them were like what are you doing, Lady These days you’re smiling me better of course I tell I told them you know like

this is cool talk about you.

Yeah, well I didn’t I didn’t explain that but I never do but I just said you know, wow people really eat like he does stuff still. Oh yeah. Oh yeah people eat that stuff. It’s not that surprising. So moving on to the next one it was Simone Simone. Not very far again it’s probably a three minute walk between all these all these stores it’s it’s really impressive how and see mo is is more of a

kind of a cooking store like as the it was the only one that had like China and glasses.

That’s true. The others did not it was the only one. Well maybe there’s had a little bit but this one really had some. Some right some higher in silverware limos or not, you know, but nice stuff.

Yeah. And they had all these salt and pepper shakers. And oh, coffee grinder coffee grinder. So you recognize this right where they the same in America. We can get that style.

Okay. Okay, but also

kind of a blank

with a crank on it on the little wooden box.

Yeah, yeah. Anyway, they have all sorts of, you know, French made graters and they had pots and pans some of them French made some of them imported You know, there’s some of everything they had low cozy, obviously, they had, again, all these silicone molds to make all sorts of shapes to molds to make the candy. Yeah, chocolates, you know, like where you fall into parts. They really had a lot of stuff. I mean, a lot of this stuff would be heavy though. When it I mean like it’s big and heavy. Yeah transport like glucose ZOK understand that you might want one but I mean I have one at home in Kolkata. Yeah, but it’s heavy like the one thing that I saw that I think is interesting is they had these, the crusher formation. So it’s like a board

with a glass, the glass

we are filling glass or plastic. So obviously if I was to put in my suitcase and probably get the plastic, but it’s it’s very French because it’s something that you know when you serve it right before you serve it actually you take it out afraid to let it go to room temperature and sort of saw the flies don’t attack it because remember, we don’t have screens in this country. So you have to have a crush over it. You have to have something over it to keep the keep the flies from attacking your. So you have French made pots and all they have olive wood,

more Pretty Allah would you tell

10 souls

which I don’t know if you find that everywhere maybe you do if I’m cheap wouldn’t stuff but I think made it a nice word. It’s harder to find. Yeah.

And like cutting boards, or they had really expensive coffee cups like 21 euros 70 cents for one coffee cup. I thought that was a bit much I don’t know why it’s so cheap, right IKEA. Yeah, but it’s got like go it’s probably gold on the room. put in the microwave. Yeah, that’s probably that’s probably true. Yeah, anyway, they look right. Yeah. And then the last stop on this walk is de lo ha. dado home very famous. This is probably the most famous of all because it looks so bizarre in there.

Tell us about it. Yeah, when you walk in, it looks like a kind of a big old barn. Everything’s wood in the shelter wooden and they

and everything’s just kind of laid out on these wooden benches. There’s no prices on them. And so to find out like what it really is or what it costs, you go down to the end of that row. And if you’re lucky, there’s a little catalog there with a number on it, which you would have had to find the number on that little, little thing. You look it up on that sheet, and then it tells you the price, which might be the price or could be the price from 10 years ago. So

so I’ll create some episode graphics with these photos, but it really looks like somebody like this is sort of thing where if somebody made homemade cabinets for the garage and their bar or something, yeah, in a barn or in a garage, it doesn’t even look good. I mean, it’s like it was made by somebody who doesn’t really know how to make kitchen cabinets. Very rough is very rough. It’s rough wood. It looks like a garage setup.

Yeah, honestly. And there’s no modern showplace cabinetry here. No, no, it’s one day in a concrete floor and the electioneering. Yeah, you know, it’s just to get your cooking supplies right?

Right, so they do have this wall display with hanging copper pots and pans. So that’s kind of decorative. But I think that’s their few efforts for decoration, decoration, and then they sell aprons and they sell all of the things that you could like every type of knife every time have been sir. Circle he sings to make various cakes of various sizes. I mean, they really have a lot of stuff.

Yeah, it’s interesting just to go in and look and try and figure out what everything is. Yeah. What is that? What is war?

Yeah. And they end the day, they’re not super helpful, like, Oh, no, you just

go in there. And they don’t throw you out. And you know, no, no, you know, they’re not gonna, nobody’s going to come up to and ask you they can help you

know, know, and and what they do is they like if you know exactly what you need, if you go in there saying I need to an oyster knife, but it needs to be shorter or longer for some reason. They’ll find it for you. But if you just go in there and you just go browsing, then nobody’s going to ask you anything. Like, it’s, you

know, a lot of professional chefs. You know, they’ll send their help over there with a list of things and they’ll gather them up.

Yeah, get in and get out. Yeah, like this thing. I want to do this. You know what that is? That’s a meat tender riser and meat underwriting,

beaten me with it. Okay, that’s my guess. But yeah,

I don’t know what most of these things are.

Plenty of and these were two guys looking at the prices.

Yeah, they tried to figure it out

and figure out what the price was, you know, what object it was what price it might be. Right. And so what surprised one young couple that was in that same time as me is that when they picked out what they wanted, the guy who worked there, took it from them and put it behind the counter. And so when you come back to pay, then you get it but they don’t want you putting it in your bag. That’s what they’re worried about. Pretty. It was not

a place that has lot lots of cameras or high technology so No, no.

And then one place we didn’t we didn’t include this but I went to get hit f5 yet on that same day. Beautiful is they have some very nice stuff. Again, it’s more like Charlotte tabla and William Sonoma. Yes. Then these other stores they got enough is near of the Opera House the way that’s the one that has a lot of specialty foods and

big wine selection.

Tried to have a big

yeah wine, but soda is like the Beaumarchais has some beautiful stuff over this. Yeah. Me the whole giant cob and have a beautiful restaurant and then two or three floors of Yeah, housewares.

Yeah. So that’s it, and this is all within the IL and you can go Walk around all these things. Like I’m sure even if you stop and look at a lot of stuff, two hours is probably sufficient. And some of these things would be a good place for a gift or for something you’ve always wanted. But it’s probably for serious cooks. I mean, it’s probably for serious pastry and, you know, and, and cooks so. Alright, so, I’m going to thank a few people who support the podcast and then we have some stuff to tell you about. We went to America to us. in like four hours, we went to America a short trip. So I need to thank Paul rain Paul trainer, Joanna, Eric, and Chris Roma cinny for pledging to support the show and also Johnny Spanish. They all pledged in the last couple of weeks. And it’s bizarre because now Patreon lets people pledge without giving their last name. So I would ask you please give your last name Because then when I tried to invite you to the secret Facebook group, if all I know is that your name is Eric that makes you hard to find because I have a few patrons and so I have a few Eric’s and if you join us probably as well, so it would be good and so when you join the Patreon you joined for a specific reward, but you get all the rewards anyway because if I put it out there you might as well enjoy it. So if you want to support show you can go to forward slash join us PATREON and you can look at the different reward tiers and thank you so much for giving back and also a coral white sent in a one time donation. And she did that by using the green button on the join any page on join us in France that says tip your guide this little green button. So this week, let’s tell them about Costco

and we’re friends

So we’re in Paris, and I had heard that there was a Costco in Paris. And I came up to finish up the couple of tours that I wrote. So let me explain a little bit these GPS aware tours, they’re wonderful, but they need to be tested. And Patricia here had tested it once. And then I came up once to test them. And I realized that there were a lot of things I wanted to change. And because I had changed so many things, they said, Listen, you have to test them again. And so I did, I tested ignorance D and the Mafi again. And this time I made very minor changes just added a few directions to tell you Oh, you know, look at the flag and go right or something. And so, and I also am writing a new one for Martha. And that was very fun. I actually it’s the most fun I’ve had in math forever, because I’ve been there and I found it very stressful, but the way I did it Kept distressful bit for the end so I start in the nice quiet parts of my mouth where you get to see all this beautiful scenic stuff and then you have to go see plastic death because you have to do more math you have to but you finish there so I found it really good and also I don’t know what’s happening but I didn’t see a single pickpocket in my mouth. I saw some in other places in Paris on this trip but not

in spring

yeah no snow string mafia either. Those are the people who try to tire swing voiceless


yeah. And it’s just a distraction while they’re emptying your pockets and unzipping your. And this time, nobody tried to unzip my my bag which was good. Because I took even though I had a clipboard, I took a bag big enough with my clipboard could be in front of me and not in the back. You really don’t want a backpack it’s too easy to rob. So just just word for the wise. Anyway, so That’s why I’ve came to Paris. And it was a lovely trip and and Patricia loaned me her guest room, which is lovely, and she makes the meanest breakfast. I’m telling you Patricia’s breakfast is quite something. So yeah. It’s really good. And so and so I had an extra day. And I had told myself, if I have time, this time, I want to go to Costco. So this is what we did. We went to gamble bananas this morning to rent a car. And when they told me how much it was going to be, I just about fainted. They wanted like the cheapest 118 170 euros for the day. I’m like, What? And we went to another one, it was like 200 and the other one was to 20

going the wrong direction.

Yeah, so I pulled out my phone and looked at Uber and there you go. Uber was quite a lot cheaper than all of that. So we got an Uber pool. So this is another thing I had never taken with pool but I did this time. It worked out really well, because it was just the two of us anyway. Yeah. Because if you’re going in the boonies to Costco, who else? What are the chances that other people want to go there too?

Yeah, so it’s just the two of us and Uber pool price.

Yeah. So it was good. So he drives us out there and took what maybe 40 minutes to drive you know,

without, but it’s a good piece of way. I mean, there were no traffic. There was no traffic so that’s going at highway speed a lot of the time Yeah, yeah. It’s it’s not close. No, it’s not past Orly to the south.

Yeah, Paris, right. It’s something event whatever. We learned a bone.

The burden is vector somewhere. Yeah. Anyway, it’s it’s the village before it looked

very quaint little little, you know, it looks like

village in France, not particularly scenic one, but a bit fine place and, and then the Costco is in the middle of

the middle of the field.

Because I’ve been to Costco since Christmas, so if you knew me in person, you know, that’s a long time for me.

So I just I just wanted to see

it. And you know why is just like gospels in

America, like walking into a little little America there,

but it was mostly French people

it was Oh yeah, I think I heard English once. And it was pretty full. So French people are digging it. It was a Saturday so there was a Saturday afternoon so they are digging it and I was very surprised, but you find all the same products you’ll find in France in America. So you know Kirkland brand toilet paper, like the big old things. You mean everything you’d find in America, the only thing that I noticed that they didn’t have is the the instant parts they had, like they sold. fresher, cleaner, a regular old pressure cooker at a very good price by the way, because I bought one not too long ago and was a lot more money than that. You know the sell the office supplies they sell they even have sheet cake. I didn’t know French people ever he

lots of French food though too. Yes. All the cheeses were French and yes, you know a lot of the French specialty foods they they had their

right so they had like they had this thing that was

Come on there

so little kind of prepared to put to put in your oven to bake for like an appetizer, whatever.


Of course,

since we were in giant size of everything,

yeah, giant size of everything, and we didn’t have a car so there was no way we’re going to bring back a lot of stuff. I bought a couple of small items, but just small things. So I just want to say that. I mean, I’m sure that when you come to Paris, you do not want to go to Costco. I mean, what’s your corner work here, it’s good your card will work here. So for those of you who are moving to France, if you have a Costco card, you can use it on the Costco and they won’t give you any trouble and they’ll take your money. Very good that way. Take your money anyway, you got it. And then when we were done, so we looked at everything, you know, the obligatory you have to walk through everything. And we took the public transportation back

wasn’t bad and

it wasn’t that so that involve walking maybe a couple of kilometers.

A 15 minute walk.

Yeah. Oh, that that is not even a couple kilometers. It was half a kilometer,

because it didn’t take that long. Yeah. 15 minutes to a bus station. That was probably the the most confusing part because it was, you know, you kind of out in the middle of nowhere, like, Where’s the bus station? Yeah. But you know, if you’ve got a GPS,

you have an app and Google Maps, you’ll be fine. Yeah,

yeah. And apparently, weekdays they actually have a little shuttle that takes you back to the bus stop, which is nice. Yeah. But we went on a Saturday so they didn’t have it. And then we Took so one bus we came right away was coming frequently. Yeah, yes. It’s

unlike buses that come once an hour. This one came like every few minutes or 510 minutes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Which, seeing that we were in the boonies. That’s

surprising. But yeah, on a weekend? Yeah. In August.

Yeah. It’s good as it gets, you know, in terms of public transportation. Yeah. And then we took the

car, which we didn’t have to wait for either it just worked out or yours be. And then we change to the where you’re going. And

then he would take you

to central Paris, and then you just go right.

So it was fairly easy. It was a little longer doing it with the public transportation, but it’s doable. So just so you know, it’s, it’s not a scary thing. So what else has happened to me? No, that’s it. I i’ve, so when I am when I go home on Monday, I’m going to start recording those tours. So I’m hoping that now I’m seriously close because that’s the last step. They It was very interesting because they have an actual audio engineer who, when I, so I did a test recording. And I sent it to him the same way I do the podcast. And he sent it back. Like,

that’s not very good.

Come on your pinky arteries entries at YM, an audio engineer So, so he’s gonna edit the audio. He’s gonna be he’s gonna make me sound sexy. Oh,

yeah. So we’ll see. We’ll see.

But he’s also going to, I hope to talk him into teaching me how to do this myself. Because I mean, it’d be nice if I could get

Yeah, it’s probably minor adjustments. Maybe. Yeah. So here’s something you can do on your own and yeah, not a whole lot of work then.

He uses a professional software, which I don’t have, but I don’t think it’s going to be that expensive to buy. So I’ll probably get

a so it’s not the equipment. It’s more on the editing. Sorry.

Yes. The editing software. Yeah, is something that I’m like, Oh, well, I use a freebie. So there you go. You wouldn’t pay for it. But anyway, so always well, so I will do my best to put out an episode for the rest. Which Sunday for the month of August, but then late August into early September. I have family coming over so then I get kind of busy. City of accounts. Yeah, I haven’t been to the beach yet. Well, because the thing is, they tell me you know, this is almost ready. If you’ll just go back to Paris and test it. You can put it out and I was kind of motivated.

Because these tours are fun. I mean, yeah, they are there a lot of good stuff in there. I learned a lot of a lot of things so they’re very enjoyable and you can take them at your own pace. So it’s perfect.

Yeah, and I really think if you like the Okay, so it did I see day one. You walk in front of the chapel. Now I can guide you through the setup and because it’s a GPS tour, and so GPS will work into But if you just pause the tour at that point, go into the center pen come out, then go a little further along you go to the movie also tell tell you who should would be interested in emotionally and if you do that too. Well, this is an hour tour, it would last all day because you’ll be adding other things.

And you can preview it beforehand or if you didn’t hear something, when you get home, you can go back and listen to it. So right

See, that’s something I didn’t realize is that you can actually once you download it, you can listen to it. And and you could and it works if you don’t have data, because it’s you’ve downloaded it and as a matter of fact, I think it might work a little better if you put your phone in airplane mode unless you have Bluetooth below but if you’re bluetooth headphones, it still works with airplay.

Even with airplane mode you can easily modify it to okay no but I want Bluetooth on right I want GPS Right, right. Yeah, it depends on your phones. Airplane Mode parameters.

Yeah. But you do need GPS, it works on GPS. So it’s a download that works on GPS. But GPS works pretty much anywhere except inside of buildings.

Anyway, so

that was a lot of fun. And I’m planning on doing more of those, although I’m going to finish up the one enormous. And then I’ll probably do some in the south, which close to home. Also might have to do all the new towns around the Costco.

reason to go to bed here.

Yeah. That’s my favorite place in Paris.

No, I’m just kidding. It’s not kidding. But I do like to visit to America, you know, like here in the middle of Paris and go to America. Fun.

Things I’ve never seen in France before that had sockeye salmon. Never seen that in France before. And they had jalapeno poppers. I’ve never seen this before.

So yeah, little things. She cakes

they were a bunch of things that friendship but they were digging it French people are digging it they you know i mean there were some people it was clear that they were small restaurants probably yes yeah so multiple restaurants because they were sick supply right they were buying like you know 100 pounds of chicken so clearly that’s what a restaurant but but they were it was mostly families yeah not as many kids as in Utah but

many places have

but you know it’s it’s it was really a pleasant little ND Silva hot dog oh but it’s a rip off so hot dog here is to two years over there Sonya euro dollar 50 right

unless they changed it and but they didn’t give away free sample. They oh and they were samples so here free sample of a hotdog and some beer a Bud Light.

Oh yeah, the sample of a beer was weird. I mean, I did take you

never see that in us. Yeah, probably know and they had a big Wine selection. Yeah, the wine selection, which a lot of champagne,

high end stuff that people might buy for a party. I think you know, right,

right. Yeah, it was, it was just a fun little outing. I don’t know we live in France, we have to entertain ourselves

one way or the other.

It’s just like the opera only different.

Anyway, thank you so much for letting me stay and also come back for going you know, to visit all these things and testing the tours and all that

you’re wonderful. It’s my pleasure. It’s been a lot of fun.

All right, everybody. Thank you so much for listening and I will talk to you next week on the join us in France travel podcast is written and produced by Annie Sargent and copyright 2019. By addicted to France. It is released under a Creative Commons Attribution non commercial, no derivatives license.

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