discovering france on a scooter: photo of oliver and lina on their red scooter

Discovering France on a Scooter, Episode 198

Discovering France on a Scooter with Oliver Gee

On today’s episode, I talk to Oliver Gee and his fiancée Lina Nordin from the podcast Earful Tower. They are planning a wonderful honeymoon in France and I bet many of you are doing just that too! They plan to go all around France, exploring a lot of the country as they go along. They are calling their adventures Amour de France, which is so cute and clever, I love it!

Discovering France on a Scooter

So, where do you go if you want to see a little bit of every part of France? You’ll find out today. And what if you want to do it with a small budget a nothing much in the way of luggage? That’s what Oliver and Lina go into with me today. I mean, they are traveling light, really really light! The song says all you need is love, doesn’t it?

This episode came about because Calee Spinney, listener and Patreon supporter who also appeared on Episode 155 to tell us about her experiences running the Paris Marathon, is a fan of both the Earful Tower and the Join Us in France Travel Podcast and she put us in touch, which was wonderful, thank you Calee!

amour de france: touring france on a scooter

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If you’re interested about going on a road trip in France, you should also check out Episode 25, where my guest Laura K. Lawless talks about her visit to the 6 corners of the hexagon, the hexagon being the shape of France. She and her husband mostly camped and had great adventures too.

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