Road Trip in France, Episode 25

Menton, France, road trip in France
Menton, France

Road Trip in France

This week on Join Us in France, we take you on a road trip in France with Laura.

Have you ever heard of France being referred to as “The Hexagon”? If you haven’t, you soon will. Laura K. Lawless and discusses her trip to the six corners of the hexagon, i.e. the six corners of France. She and her husband embarked on a long road trip in France and explored the country for several weeks. In this interview, we ask her how it went, what they saw, and what they enjoyed most along the way. You can also check out Laura’s blog about the adventure if you want to dig deeper into their itinerary Six Corners of the Hexagon Blog.

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Laura is also an on-line French teacher Lawless French where she gives wonderful tips and exercises that make it easy to learn French. She has something for everyone, as a complete beginner you can learn basics such as numbers and the alphabet, but as a more advanced French speaker you will learn linguistic tidbits that will help you catch on to small

French subtleties that foreigners usually don’t grasp. Annie contributes audio recordings in French for Laura, so if you want to hear Annie speak more French, that’s where you’ll find it. If you’re planning on coming to France soon, we can’t recommend learning the language strongly enough, even if you only have time to learn the basics, it will make your trip much better. No more excuses, go learn some French!

Have a time on your road trip in France!

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