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Photos of the Food Products Mentioned on this Episode

Milk Products and Yogurts at Annie’s French Grocery Store

People who visit France love our yogurts. And it is true that by comparison to the sort of yogurt they sell in America, ours is a joy to eat!


different types of yogurt at french grocery stores
Annie’s favorite yogurts in France.

What’s more, almost every visitor can try yogurt in France, even the ones that stay in a hotel and don’t have a refrigerator. Some yogurts are sold in packs, but many grocery stores in Paris also sell single yogurts.

mixed yogurts, bonne maman yogurt, faisselle, goat yogurt with chestnut paste

These are the more “dessert” yogurts. They are almost like pastries or custard, high in calories and absolutely delicious!

different types of yogurt at french grocery stores

Breakfast Items

Yes, we have Starbucks in France now, even at the grocery store! Please note that milk in France is almost always long-life. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated until after opening. Also note that most French people have a Nespresso type machine at home. That’s why you’ll always find a wide selection of pods at the store. Drip coffee has become unusual. And, despite the name, nobody I know uses a French press coffee maker in France!

milk, coffee and Starbucks ready to drink
Breakfast items in France

Candy and Chocolates

I should stay out of that isle, but I don’t. We only have one life, right?

Vichy mints, Tagada candy and chocolate bars
Annie’s favorite candy and chocolate

Champagne and Wine

There are a lot of champagne houses in France. Some you’ve never heard of because they are either too small or not rich enough to spread the word about them. That doesn’t mean that they are not really nice, try them when you’re in France!

Mumm, Jacquart Demoiselle and Courance champagnes
Champagnes at French grocery stores

Cheeses You Can Get at a French Grocery Store

France has hundreds of varieties of cheese and not every store carries all of them for obvious reasons! Many French cheeses are made with “lait cru” which means the milk has been filtered but not pasteurized. These unpasteurized products are not any more likely to cause food poisoning than any other food. It’s easy to avoid unpasteurized cheeses, they always say “au lait cru” in fairly big letters.

camembert and goat cheeses
Some of Annie’s favorite cheeses
mozzarella, roquefort, vieux pané and Le Cailbou goat cheese
More cheeses you might want to try

Items You Could Take Home as Gifts

My American relatives always enjoy French condiments as gifts. Just make sure to put those in your checked luggage!

mustard, pickles, sea-salt, herbes de provcence
Condiments you could take home as gifts

French Cookies

Keep your kids happy while walking around Paris, give them French cookies! The grocery store has a big selection.

Gaufres de Liège, barquettes, Chamonix, Tablettes bonne Maman
Annie’s favorite cookies

Mont Saint-Michel Cookies, rousquilles, galettes de Bretagne, tartelettes Bonne Maman

Fast Micro-Wave Dinners

OK, not the gnocchi, that goes in a pan with butter. But all the other ones are classic French dishes that you can warm up in the microwave. Will they be super tasty? No. But they may be your chance to try some scary French foods!

poulet basquaise, gnocci, boeuf bourgignon, langue de boeuf
Definitely NOT my favorite, but these are classic French dishes you can buy and warm up in the microwave
savory crêpes, quiche, canelloni
A little better than above!

Frozen Foods at the French Grocery Store

France has great frozen vegetables. I don’t know why they are so much better than in America (probably butter), but they definitely are!

creamed spinach, vegetable mix, vegetable patties, dry pasta

Jams at a French Grocery Store

We have lovely jams in France. Here are a few of my favorites!

strawberry jam, cherry jam, rhubarb jam, fig jam

Cold Cuts at a French Grocery Store

Dry-cured sausage and pâté are something that I missed when I moved to America. I don’t eat those so much any more (they are super unhealthy), but you may want to give them a try, they are tasty!

cured saussage, pâté, more pâté, sliced dry ham

Hygiene and Cleaning Products

Just in case you’ll be doing laundry.

hand-wash soap, body soap, disposable champagne cups, laundry detergent

Fruits and Vegetables

We have amazing fruits and vegetables in season in France. Make your mother happy, try some!

lettuce, apples, tomatoes, bananas

Strange French Foods

These are definitely weird French foods. Piperade will please almost everyone (it’s a tomato based sauce) but tripes are nasty to most people! Cassoulet is a favorite of mine and a time when I definitely enjoy some meat. Foie gras? I like it, but in small quantities. Give them a try when you’re in France and let me know how you liked them!

tripes, piperade, foie gras, cassoulet

Water and Beer

There are lots of brands of bottled water in France. Be aware that in France all water fountains dispense water that is safe to drink unless it says “eau non potable”.

vitel water, badoit water, Heineken beer, evian water

Wine Prices at French Grocery Stores

Lots of wine in France. Lots and lots. To learn more I suggest you listen to these episodes:

red wine bottles, white wine bottle and wine in a bag



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