D-Day History, Normandy Invasion Special, Episode 18s

Category: French History

This episode features our frequent and very popular guest Elyse Rivin. If you enjoy her episodes, please consider supporting her on Patreon.

In this special episode on  D-Day History and the Normandy Invasion, Annie and Elyse remember the events of D-Day seventy years ago and the bravery of people involved.

Putting D-Day into Context

Elyse puts the whole tragic day into context: events leading up to it and a few critical details of what happened on that day. Then we share our experiences visiting the beaches in Normandy, the museums, the cemeteries.

French People Are Still Grateful and Continue to Remember D-Day

This is definitely a sobering and emotional topic, but seventy years later we should ask again: Are French grateful today? What are you likely to experience when you visit? Did this day truly change the course of time?

Episode Highlights

  • Introduction: 70th Anniversary celebrations in France
  • Setting the stage for the invasion: major players
  • The decoy operation
  • Preparations for D-Day
  • The invasion
    • Weather
    • Breakdown of troops by nationality
    • The Battle of Normandy
  • Memorials in Normandy
  • Conclusion: D-Day History plays a big part in French history and French people have not forgotten


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Pointe du Hoc with American flag in the foreground: D-Day History
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Category: French History

3 Replies to “D-Day History, Normandy Invasion Special, Episode 18s”

  1. Thank you for this episode. You shared some great information that helped me understand a little more about the invasion by the Allies. One thing I thought I’d mention is that while the German forces did not invade or occupy England, they did occupy the Channel Islands (Guernsey, etc) which were and still are a part of the UK. Quite an amazing story but probably not really relevant to the podcast episode. Thanks also for mentioning the Bayeux Tapestry… My mom traced one side of her family all the way to a family member who went with William the Conqueror to invade England. Now, I need to add the visit to Caen to see the Tapestry since there’s a connection to that area too. Thanks again!

  2. Hello Tiffany and welcome to Join Us in France! You’re right about the Channel Islands, and it IS relevant, but so many things were in play, we didn’t mention them all in the episode. The Bayeux Tapestry is amazing and I’m not even a needlework person, just stunning. Hope you go soon!

  3. Just finished listening to this episode. It was a very good overview and quite educational for me. It is on our agenda for our upcoming trip.

    It was also quite touching and gave me a greater sense of reverence for the events, location, and our shared history. Thank you.