10 Things You Didn’t Know About France, Episode 91


10 Things You Didn't Know About France

On today’s Join Us in France, the 10 things you didn't know about France, even if you've visited before. This episode is admittedly "all over the place", but if you want to learn about French customs and about everyday life in France, you will love it! I argue that this stuff is important even for casual visitors because once you understand how a country ticks, you won't fall prey to misunderstandings and you'll have a better time on your vacation.

10 Things You Didn't Know About France

Here are the 10 things we tackle in depth in this episode. You can also view the detailed notes and timestamps so you can jump directly to the part of the discussion that interests you.

Tipping. Who Do You Have to Tip and How Much?

Waiters in France are paid a decent wage and do not rely on tips for their living. Do they like to get tips? Of course they do! We explain when and how much. We also go into tipping tour guides, taxis, hotel personnel and bathroom attendants.

French Restaurant Etiquette

We explain why you should never call the waiter over by saying "garçon". The bill is taking too long to come? Go pay at the register! French waiters don't try to "make friends" with customers. They will be professional and that's all. More information on this topic: Table Manners in France, Episode 93

You Like to Patronize Small Business? Come to France!

Store hours are shorter in France than they are in America because so many businesses are family owned.

Plan Vigipirate in France

We explain what happens when France goes on high alert due to terror attack threats. We go into more depth in this episode Making Sense of Terror Attacks in France, Episode 92

Pets Are Treated Like Kings

French people love their dogs and take them places where they wouldn't be allowed in America. We give you tips on how to deal with that. And we talk about dog poop too, sorry, but somebody has to!

French Children Are Allowed to Do "Dangerous" Things

Don't be surprised to see French children hanging out without parental supervision in the city. We explain why that happens and why you shouldn't be alarmed.

French People Don't "Get" Vegetarians

In some restaurants, vegetarians will need to explain what they eat and don't eat. Why is that? It's all explained in the episode.

France's Bathroom Problem Is Getting Better

And not a minute too soon! These are our tips for finding a bathroom in France.

The Best Way to Make Friends in France Is to Ask for Help

French people will be suspicious of anyone who comes across as "too friendly". But if you ask for help and they get a chance to interact with you that way, they will probably become your friend.

What's Up with Nakedness on French Beaches?

There are a lot of details about French beaches that Americans don't understand. It's easy once it's explained in this episode. Will it be your First Time in Paris?

French Tip of the Week

  • [3:02] "gardez la monaie" (keep the change)
  • [27:16] "excusez-moi, je ne parle pas bien français" (I'm sorry, I don't speak good French),
  • [28:08] "pouvez-vous me faire une omelette s'il vous plaît ?" (can you make me an omelette please?)
  • [6:15] “Merci au personnel de nettoyage” (Thank you cleaning staff)
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