Montmatre VoiceMap Tour

About Annie Sargent’s Montmatre self-guided GPS tour

On this tour I will take you along the most picturesque parts of Montmartre. We will talk about the lives of artists such Picasso and Modigliani who started their careers in Montmartre.

Did you know that there are some crazy stories that took place in Montmartre? Have you ever heard of Saint Denis and the Man Who Could Walk Through Walls? You will today and they will leave you scratching your head!

Did you know that the Paris Communue started in Montmartre? That’s the Revolution you’ve heard about in Les Misérables. We do love a good Revolution in France!

And a touch of French culture too: we will talk about the Sacré Coeur and the Chevalier de la Barre and what that means about the separation of Church and State in France. Get ready for an entertaining visit that will make you think!

You’ll also see the Sacré Coeur Basilica, Saint Jean de Montmartre Church, Dali Museum, Montmartre Museum, and Saint Pierre de Montmartre Church.


Sacré Coeur in Paris

Directions to the Starting Point

The tour starts right outside of the Abbesses Metro Station on line 12. Note that there is an elevator in the metro station, you don’t need to walk up 174 steps! I’ve designed the tour so you won’t have to take more than 12 steps at a time. I will point out some bathrooms along the way. Many people like to enjoy a drink on the steps of the Sacré Coeur when the tour is over, bring whatever strikes your fancy!

Abesses metro station in Paris

Self-guided tours have a lot going for them! Here’s why Annie loves writing them and taking them:

The tour is ready when you’re ready. No need to reserve anything! Is that café calling your name? You can stop and resume the tour at will. You can close the app, reopen it and it will remember where you left off.

Bad knees and you can’t take stairs? Sit on a bench, listen to the audio and move on to the next part of the tour!

You won’t need phone data in Paris because you’ll download the tour at home. You can also take the tour virtually (audio only) at home and then take it again for real when you get to Paris.

Annie’s tours are updated every now and then because even in a timeless city like Paris, things change! And when there’s a new version of a tour you’ve already bought, you’ll be able to get it for free.

La Maison Rose Montmartre

Here’s How You Do It in Practical Terms

  • Download the free VoiceMap App on your cell phone
  • Purchase tours codes here to enjoy the substantial podcast listener discount.

Download the tours at home before your trip. To be extremely well prepared, you could also try it at home just so you can get familiar with the App. But the App is self-explanatory for most users.

You don’t need one tour per person if you’re willing to share an earbud or put the tour on speaker. That’s how all audio works on smart phones and is not a a limitation of VoiceMap.

The tour will take you to the store made famous by the movie Amélie Poulain

About Annie Sargent

Bonjour, I’m Annie Sargent, tour guide and producer of the Join Us in France Travel Podcast. I love introducing new people to my favorite destinations in France. Because I’ve lived away from France for many years, I came back eager to re-discover my own country and the places where French history happened. And because I am French born and raised I can’t help but introduce a little bit of French culture into your visit. So, let’s get walking and enjoy this tour together!