Show Notes for Episode 8: Cluny Museum Walking Tour


Let’s Go On a Walking Tour of the Cluny Museum in Paris

1:30′ The Cluny Museum is a jewel, yet it’s not a place where most people go on their first visit to Paris.

3:00′ The park near the Cluny Museum, the Medieval Garden. How to enter the museum.

The Home of the Museum Is a Renaissance Palace

6:30′ Courtyard and the Renaissance building that is the home of this museum.

9:30′ The Cluny well, a rare Renaissance well.

10:40′ Built upon a Roman wall.

chapel architecture at the cluny museum, ornate ceiling. Walking tour at the Cluny museum in Paris episode.

11:00′ What makes this museum so special is that it’s the only one that shows what life was like in the Middle Ages.

The Lady and the Unicorn

12:00′ Collection of tapestries.
Tapestries were used to cover the walls to help warm up the rooms. Made of all natural dyes with an amazing technique that allowed them to make amazing scenes.

The six Unicorn tapestry commissioned by a family from Lyon, France. They represent the senses. They are now back from Japan.

Other Items at the Cluny Museum

16:15′ Objects that were used by rich people in the Middle Ages.

17:20′ Liturgical objects, sculptures and gorgeous stained glass from the 1200s.

Don’t Miss the Roman Baths!

20:00′ Go down the steps and go right. Here are the Roman Baths. The museum was renovated in the 1990s and they’ve now opened the Baths. Description of the baths and what they were for culturally.

21:30′ The different stages of bathing. Lots of scrubbing, luke-warm to very hot to very cold with oils being applied, it was a regular Spa!

23:00′ These Roman Baths are a gem because they are really well preserved, with the mast of wood being Roman also.

the heads that used to adorn Notre Dame Cathedral and were knocked off during the French Revolution. walking tour at the cluny museum in paris episode
The heads that used to adorn Notre Dame Cathedral and were knocked off during the French Revolution

The Giant Statue Heads

24:40′ Massive heads that line the room are the originals that were on Notre Dame Cathedral that were cut off during the French Revolution and thrown into the Seine river.

27:00′ You’ll need to decide if you want to see everything because there is so much to see. Last room has armor.

27:30′ Book store and why it’s a really good one.

How Long Will It Take?

28:20′ You can do this visit in one hour if you really, two to three hours is adequate. Do not miss the tapestries, the Roman Baths, and the stained glass rooms. The rest of it is nice, you can glance through if you have the time, but you can also skip it.

30:10′ Opening Hours, entrance fee, being in the Latin Quarter you are surrounded by great public transportation (description of metro lines and buses). Easy to get to.

Thank you listeners and thank you RĂ©mi for the accordion music!

wooden painted sculpture at the cluny museum picturing young students. walking tour at the cluny museum in paris episode
Painted wood sculpture at the Cluny Museum
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