Spending a Month in Southwestern France, Episode 485

Categories: Occitanie, Toulouse Area

Join Annie Sargent and Regina Logan as she recounts spending a month in southwestern France. They journey through the less-trodden paths of France, exploring the Aveyron, Dordogne, and the Basque Country. Her adventure in October 2023 unveils the rustic beauty and hidden gems of these regions. It also offers insights from Regina's nearly month-long trip alongside her sister and partner.

Less is more. I cannot say it enough. Less is more. Don't try to do everything. You know, if you're lucky, you'll get back another time. But even if not, for, go for depth rather than breadth.

Spending a Month in Southwestern France

Dive into our discussions on the allure of planning with adventure in mind, navigating the scenic routes to uncover France's "Plus Beaux Villages." Embrace the charm of medieval towns, castles, and both painted and unpainted caves. Discover the strategy behind selecting accommodations that allow for an immersive exploration without the hassle of frequent hotel changes.

Exploring the Aveyron, Dordogne, and the Basque Country

Hear about the vibrant market scenes, the cultural staple of the Apéro, and unique vacation purchases that became everyday treasures. Regina shares her experience with cave paintings, private wine tours and the serene backcountry roads of France. She also shares practical tips for navigating gas stations, roundabouts, and parking in picturesque villages.

Allow Time for Serendipity

We also touch on serendipitous discoveries like animatronics at the Château of Belcastel and culinary festivals in Sarlat, alongside a spotlight on Bayonne's Musée Basque and the charms of staying in Paris's 14th arrondissement.

For foodies, history buffs, or anyone dreaming of a French getaway, this episode is packed with insights and laughter, showcasing the depth of experiences awaiting in France's beautiful countryside.

Subscribe and listen to immerse yourself in the enchanting stories of Regina's travels and perhaps inspire your own journey to these captivating French regions. Don't forget to check our guest notes for a detailed list of restaurants and tips to make your visit truly unforgettable. Remember, in travel, less is more—seek depth, not breadth, and let France's beauty unfold at a leisurely pace.

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Discussed in this Episode

  • Gaillac
  • Saint Emilion
  • Sarlat
  • Cahors
  • Belcastel
  • Bayonne
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Regina Logan, her partner and sister. Spending a Month in Southwestern France episode.
Regina Logan (left) with her partner and sister.
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Categories: Occitanie, Toulouse Area