Sorèze and Revel, Great Day Trips from Toulouse, Episode 156


Toulouse is a great place to come stay for a few days because not only is it a lovely city, but once you're here, there are a lot of great places you can visit as day trips.  Most of those day trips around Toulouse require a car, and such is the case with the one we're discussing today: Sorèze and Revel: Great Day Trips from Toulouse (or Carcassonne)

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Discussed in this Episode

  • Aeroscopia
  • Lac de Belleserre
  • Revel
  • Saint-Felix de Lauragais
  • Saint-Ferréol Lake
  • Sorèze

Let's Review

There are gems of architecture and history in areas of France that never get any love or attention from travel writers. We're not shy about loving the South-West and share gems that will take you to the heart of France off the beaten track.

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