Planning a Group Trip to Paris, Episode 264

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On today’s episode Mary White tells Annie Sargent about her trip to France with 10 friends and relatives. This group included a child, a teen, and adults of various ages. Now, when you have a big group of family and friends everything gets more complicated, but Mary planned it really well and they had a great time. Ready to hear her secrets? Click play!

Hotel recommended in this episode:  Le Petit Belloy

How to Make a Custom Google Map

Open Google Maps ( and click the menu button in the top left corner (looks like 3 lines on top of each other). Click Your Places > Maps > Create Map. Name your map and enter in a description. Add markers for your desired locations.

In the episode Mary mentions that she participates in a podcast, but I didn't ask her to name it. What was I thinking?! She's a recurring guest on the Marching Roundtable Podcast


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Discussed in this Episode

  • Paris with family and friends [02:47]
  • How to pull off a trip with a big group [03:54]
  • Using a custom Google map [05:49]
  • Don't overwhelm your group with every detail [06:43]
  • Use the rome2rio app [08:30]
  • Keep everyone informed of changes via text messages [10:19]
  • Get the Museum Pass [10:51]
  • Use official taxis [12:47]
  • L'Alsacienne Restaurant [14:45]
  • Berthillon ice cream [16:35]
  • Great hotel at a reasonable budget [17:11]
  • View to the Eiffel Tower [18:30]
  • Don't make that mistake when going to Versailles [20:26]
  • Uber problem [21:24]
  • Have a good attitude [25:23]
  • Strategy for Versailles [27:09]
  • Éclairs and Millefeuilles [29:44]
  • Pickpocket on the RER [30:23]
  • What do you do if someone in your group gets left on the platform? [34:12]
  • Reserving restaurants using La Fourchette or messaging them on Facebook [36:33]
  • Watching Bastille Day fireworks from the hotel window [38:04]
  • Taxis in Paris are cheaper than in New York [39:16]
  • You'll walk a lot in Paris! [40:19]
  • Bourguignon du Marais restaurant [41:14]
  • Can you agree on not splitting checks? [44:08]
  • Hiring a van to take all of them to Normandy for the day [45:56]
  • Don't get upset if you need to make last-minute changes [49:27]
  • Don't be afraid to split up if you need to [49:47]
  • Get the Museum Pass [50:04]
  • Enjoy mealtimes [50:46]
  • Choose a hotel with lots of options nearby (more reasons why Petit Belloy was a good choice) [51:20]
  • Sometimes touristy places are great [52:42]
  • Advice for foodies [53:42]
  • Pre-purchase as many things as you can [54:11]
  • Buying tickets for the Eiffel Tower [55:05]
  • Thank you Patrons [58:49]
  • Trip planning consult with Annie [59:41]
  • Support the show without spending a penny you wouldn't have otherwise [01:00:06]
  • New Year's Resolutions [01:00:42]
  • Be an Ambassador for the Join Us in France Travel Podcast! [01:03:56]
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