Le Corbusier Architecture, Episode 139


On today's show, Elyse and Annie bring you musings on Le Corbusier Architecture, how he became one of the pillars of French architecture, and some of the criticisms levied against him. Was he a genius or a tyrant? Hint: it doesn't have to  be one or the other, he could be like you and me: a complicated person.

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Discussed in this Episode

  • Concepts in Affordable Architecture
  • Le corbusier architecture

Let's Review

The Desire to Live in a  Modern Affordable Home Is Universal

Let's say that even in areas where there aren't large Le Corbusier style ugly collective housing, there are a lot of little boxes on the hilltop, little houses made of ticky-tacky, etc. Everyone want to live as comfortably as possible, even if that means living in houses that are all the same.

The problem of modernism is that in an attempt to get away from too many curves and details from the Art Deco era, they went too stark. And it also coincided with popular totalitarian political ideas. The juxtaposition of stark lines and totalitarian ideology is what disturbs the most probably.

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Hi Annie and Elyse!
Annie – why did you join in this podcast when you hate Corbusier, haha! In the late 90s I saw Villa La Roche in the 16th and Notre Dame de Haut in Ronchamp. In the 16th neighborhood, I asked for directions to Villa La Roche – the woman I asked did not speak english and she was all dressed up like a 50s model from a fashion magazine! That was memorable. 2016 I saw the Cité Int’l Universitaire – interesting campus. Not the Corbusier’s building. His large buildings, I agree with you Annie – ugly.

David Palachek
David Palachek

Annie and Elyse, First, let me apologize for how late I am in thanking you for this thoroughly enjoyable podcast! I was out of the country last week, and as the couple of weeks leading up to my family’s trip were a whirlwind, it took me 3 listening sessions to make it through the podcast! Annie, you said you’d love to hear an architect’s view on Corbusier, so here’s mine: very mixed. I think he was revolutionary from a technical and spatial standpoint, but that meant that he often pushed architecture past its breaking point. Yes, he pioneered a free-flow… Read more »