Bayonne France in the Basque Country, Episode 47


Today we take you to Bayonne France in the Basque Country. Bayonne is a  place of notable character, culture, history, and it has so much to offer to today's visitor too! Both Elyse and I love the place and we  tell you why. And we wish you Happy Holidays French style too at the end of the show. Enjoy!

Show Highlights

  • Introduction to Bayonne France
  • Historical Center
  • What makes Bayonne so interesting?
    • Bayonne and the history of chocolate
    • The Bayonet and French Military History
  • Things to do, see and eat
    • Bayonne Ham
    • Piment d'Espelette
    • Poulet Basquaise
    • Basque Cheese
  • The Cathedral of Sainte Marie in Bayonne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The oldest bullfighting arena in France
  • Hotels
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Bayonne Hotels We Recommend; for our discussion of hotels in this episode, skip to [48:34]







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3 Replies to “Bayonne France in the Basque Country, Episode 47”

  1. Annie
    Please eat Elyse’s portion of raw oysters and drink muscadet for me for the holidays!!!!!!

    I will miss this week’s podcast. Enjoy the break.


  2. Bonjour! I just wrote to your about discovering your site, and I see that you do date all entries. I was so pleased to find you that I have been reading furiously and missed the dates at the beginning of each dialog.

    Thanks for this wonderful site!
    Carol McFarland
    Arcata, CA USA