French Food, Episode 17

Le Comptoire de Matilde store: french foodWhy are French people skinny? We wonder if it's because of their food culture and habits at home. In episode 17 of Join Us in France we discuss French food culture, what French people eat at home, French meal times, and the difficulties vegetarians and vegans may experience in France. Is it OK to be a little narrow-minded about food? Go to to find out, you will also find photos and a full transcript there.

Show Notes for Episode 17: French Food

Are French People Rude? Episode 9

woman smoking a cigarette: are french people rudeAre French people rude or just unfriendly? Or are they neither and just have a bad reputation? Similarly, is there any truth to the ugly American stories? Listen to this episode to brush up on ways to make French people smile at you with a twinkle of delight in their eyes instead of a scowl. AND it’s easier than you think!

Introduction to the Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 1

introduction to the join us in france travel podcastIn episode 1 of the Join Us in France Travel Podcast Elyse and Annie introduce themselves and explain what you can expect by subscribing to this podcast. In summary: we want to make better tourists out of you! And we think that if you take a little time to learn about places in France you're about to visit, you'll have a much better time on your vacation. For show notes go to

Show Notes for Episode 1: Introduction to the Join Us in France Travel Podcast