Contemporary French Novels: A Literary Journey, Episode 469

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This episode features our frequent and very popular guest Elyse Rivin. If you enjoy her episodes, please consider supporting her on Patreon.

In today's episode of the podcast, Annie Sargent and Elyse Rivin chat about contemporary french novels they enjoyed in the last few years.

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Contemporary French Novels: Reliving the Joys of France Through Literature

For many travelers who have experienced the allure of France, reading books set in that picturesque country often becomes a way to relive their adventures and memories. There's a unique joy in immersing oneself in a narrative that unfolds in familiar streets, among the charming cafes, or within the historic walls that one may have walked through during their vacations in France. This connection between travel and literature is profound and personal, offering a portal back to those cherished moments.

Travel Memoirs and Personal Journeys

Books like Lunch in Paris and Picnic in Provence" fall into this category. They are travel memoirs and personal stories that resonate with anyone who has experienced the joy of discovering French cuisine or the simple pleasure of a picnic in the lush countryside. Reading these books is like taking a leisurely stroll down memory lane, recalling the taste of fresh pastries, the aroma of countryside markets, or the serene beauty of Provence. These stories capture the essence of French living, and for many, they bring back the warmth of the sun on their faces and the joy of a leisurely day spent exploring.

Cultural Insights and Social Commentary

Books such as The Bonjour Effect offer readers a deeper understanding of the subtle nuances of French culture and society. For those who have navigated the complexities of French etiquette or attempted to engage in conversation with locals, these books can be particularly enlightening. They provide a window into the French way of life, shedding light on the social customs and attitudes that define the everyday experiences in France. Reading these books often evokes memories of one’s own cultural faux pas or successful interactions, adding another layer to the reminiscence of their travels.

Historical and Philosophical Musings

For the history enthusiasts, Memoirs of Hadrien by Marguerite Yourcenar is a treat. This book delves into the imagined thoughts and philosophies of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, and its historical depth transports readers back in time. Such books not only remind travelers of the historical sites they might have visited in France but also provide a rich contextual background that deepens their understanding and appreciation of these places. The historical narratives often evoke memories of walking through ancient ruins or exploring museums, connecting the past with the present in a seamless narrative.

Mystery and Crime Fiction

The intrigue and suspense of French mystery and crime fiction are perfectly captured in the works of Fred Vargas, especially her Commissaire Adamsberg series. Set against the backdrop of Paris, these stories enthrall readers with their atmospheric descriptions and complex characters. Similarly, Bernard Minier’s novels, set between Toulouse and the Pyrenees, offer fast-paced plots that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Martin Walker's books, based in the Dordogne region, not only offer mystery but also paint vivid pictures of the local culture and cuisine. For travelers who have wandered the streets of Paris, explored the Pyrenees, or enjoyed the gastronomic delights of Dordogne, these books serve as a thrilling reminder of their journeys.

Cultural Exploration of the Perigord Region

Martin Walker's focus on the Perigord region in his novels is a delight for those who have been charmed by this part of France. His vivid portrayal of the culture, wine, and food of the Perigord brings back sensory memories of the region’s rustic beauty and culinary richness. For many, reading these novels is akin to revisiting their favorite vineyards, quaint villages, and enjoying the local delicacies.

Historical Novels Based on Art and Objects

Tracy Chevalier’s novels, like The Girl with the Pearl Earring intertwine history with fiction, often inspired by works of art. These books appeal to those who appreciate the rich artistic heritage of France. Readers who have marveled at the country's museums and art galleries find a special connection to these stories, as they offer a creative exploration of the stories behind some of the world's most famous artworks.

Historical Fiction Set in the South of France

Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth, set in the South of France, takes readers on an adventure through time, intertwining the present with the Middle Ages. The book’s setting in Carcassonne, with its medieval fortifications and mysterious history, is particularly enchanting for anyone who has visited this historic city. The narrative’s blend of history, fantasy, and mystery echoes the enigmatic charm of the South of France, making it a compelling read for those who have explored its ancient streets and landscapes.

World War II Fiction

For readers interested in modern history, Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay offers a poignant look at World War II's impact on France. The dual timeline of the novel, connecting contemporary times with the events of the war, particularly the Vélodrome d'Hiver roundup in Paris, brings a powerful perspective on a tragic chapter in French history. For travelers who have visited the

Saint-Malo Walking Tour Based on All the Light We Cannot See

This is a Saint-Malo walking tour based on All the Light We Cannot See that you can download and follow next time you visit Saint-Malo.

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