Episode 42 Centre Georges Pompidou

Pompidou Center Paris
Pompidou Center, photo Jean-Alexis AUFAUVRE

The Centre Georges Pompidou is one of Elyse’s favorite places in Paris, which may come as a surprise to our listeners because it’s not a visually attractive place by most people’s reckoning. What she loves about it is not only what’s inside of the museum, but also the environment and atmosphere of the place itself. Let’s see if she can sell it to us in this episode!
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Episode 41 What to Skip in Paris

Paris at dusk
Photo James Whitesmith

What to Skip in Paris

Today’s we go onto unexplored territory: we tell you about some things you might want to skip in Paris. It was bound to happen! You can only spend so much time in Paris that it’s important to be selective. Every blogger seems to have set ideas of what to skip and we’re not as black and white as most. Here we try to help you think through it, what’s the best use of your time given your preferences? And, of course, we don’t quite agree on everything. Enjoy!

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Episode 40 Saint-Émilion

Saint-Émilion photo JLPC


There is more to Saint_Émilion than wonderful wine. This charming village near Bordeaux is amazingly scenic, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has a mostly underground church, and the wine is indeed lovely!

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