Episode 19 Cheese

Cheese in France

Cheese in France

On today’s episode we explore the history and culture of cheese in France. We discuss types of cheese and how they’re distributed by region. French people are crazy about cheese and Anglos are often overly cautious about cheese. We’re here to tell you to live a little! Try some scary cheese next time you’re in France. After all, cheese doesn’t seem to make French people fat, right?!
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D-Day History, Normandy Invasion Special, Episode 18S

D-Day History, Normandy Invasion

D-Day History and Normandy Invasion Special

In this special episode on  D-Day History and the Normandy Invasion, Annie and Elyse remember the events of D-Day seventy years ago and the bravery of people involved. Elyse puts the whole tragic day into context: events leading up to it and a few critical details of what happened on that day. Then we share our experiences visiting the beaches in Normandy, the museums, the cemeteries. This is definitely a sobering and emotional topic, but seventy years later we should ask again: Are French grateful today? What are you likely to experience when you visit? Did this day truly change the course of time?

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Episode Highlights

  • Introduction: 70th Anniversary celebrations in France
  • Setting the stage for the invasion: major players
  • The decoy operation
  • Preparations for D-Day
  • The invasion
    • Weather
    • Breakdown of troops by nationality
    • The Battle of Normandy
  • Memorials in Normandy
  • Conclusion: D-Day History plays a big part in French history and French people have not forgotten

If you enjoy this episode, also listen to Episode 116, Episode 101, and Episode 140 that all have to do with Normandy.

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Episode 18 Strasbourg

StrasbourgStrasbourg the Beautiful

In this episode of the Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Elyse takes us to the gorgeous region of Alsace (where she used to live) and more specifically to the city of Strasbourg.

Annie also has strong feelings about Strasbourg because she just visited. She can’t say enough good things about the gorgeous Cathedral, the gastronomy, the wine, and how generally pleasant the city is. This area is full of history and we give you an overview going all the way back to Charlemagne. We also discuss the fact that control of the area kept going back and forth between France and Germany, and how that makes for an interesting culture.

Today what strikes visitors is that the city is deeply rooted in European values and extremely welcoming. You’re going to love it!

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