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Annie and Elyse, I just finished my first week in Paris and wanted to thank you so much for your podcasts – they helped prep me for an amazing trip! I’m already starting to plan where I’ll hit next year :-). Keep up the great work!

Just discovered you guys a couple weeks ago and have been listening to everything on your list. Some I’ve listened to twice! THANK YOU!! Elaine Thomson-Tichy

France Edutainment

Join Us in France is a podcast about all things French, or as someone mentioned lately France Edutainment. We give a strong emphasis on travel, but also talk French food, wine, culture, and language. We aim to give people who visit France genuine information about the country that will help them have a great time in France.

Shortcut Your Way to a Great Vacation

Annie is French (born and raised) but lived in the US for 18 years, then moved back to France. Elyse is from New York, but has been living in France for 20+ years. Elyse is a professional tour guide and art historian with  years of experience to share.

As you browse through the long list of episodes you will see some  names that you’ve never heard of. Those are the gems that are known to French people and not many visitors. Ignore at your peril!

Preparing for a trip can take a lot of time but a podcast can save you a lot of time.  You can prepare your trip to France while driving or exercising. Don’t forget to save your favorite episodes so you can listen while in France too!

Are You Interested in Joining a Tour?

If you’d like to tour with Annie and Elyse, check out our current offerings at Addicted to France. The tours are on a different website for technical reasons, but it’s the same people running both!

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We just got back from a three week trip to France. Your podcasts, which I have been listening to regularly in preparation for our trip , were invaluable. It helped in planning our itinerary, things not to miss, and historical context of much that we saw. Thank you ladies and keep up the great work. Bravo! Robin Kupfer.

Elyse guiding a tour in Toulouse near the Garonne river start here
Elyse, frequent guest on the show, works as a tour guide in Toulouse.







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  1. Hi Annie and Elise,
    My husband and I are planning our dream vacation to Paris from July 16 – 30. We rented a 2 bedroom apartment in The Marais through Airbnb and have been using your Podcast to prepare. Will Elise be giving tours in Paris at this time? If so, we would like to sign up. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us.
    Renee Snow

    1. Hello Renee,

      Elyse typically does not offer tours in Paris unless it’s a big group. Maybe some day we’ll have tours, but not just yet!

  2. My husband and I have a business conference in Paris July 5-12, staying near the Eiffel Tower. I listened to Episode 32 ‘Vacation in France’ and am a bit discouraged, because I hate crowds! Aaaah! We’re actually staying through Bastille Day until the 17th…any tips on how to enjoy Paris in July? I do speak a smattering of French. We have a reservation at a nice hotel in the Opera district July 13-17. I’ll take any advice you’ve got!! In town or out of town…

    1. Hello Lisa and welcome to the show! There are lots of places with no crowds in Paris. For instance you could enjoy free museums in Paris where the crowds are small.

  3. Hi Annie and Elise
    I am visiting Paris in the first week of September this year and would love to hear if you have any tips about Mont Saint Michel
    and the surrounding area
    thanks so much
    I love your Podcast and am going to listen to all of them with a notebook in hand before we go

  4. We just got back from a three week trip to France, starting out in Sancerre and driving through the Dordogne and Lot valleys and ending up in Carcassone. Then we flew to Paris where we spent four days.
    Your podcasts, which I have been listening to regularly in preparation for our trip , were invaluable. It helped in planning our itinerary, things not to miss, and historical context of much that we saw.
    Thank you ladies and keep up the great work,,

  5. Bonjour! I found your podcasts by accident and I am so excited . My 18 year old son and I are traveling to France in June as a graduation gift for taking 4 years of French in high school. I plan to rent a car to drive through the Dordogne valley, I listened to Annie’s husband provide wonderful detail to prepare for driving in France. Then, listened so more information about French etiquette, things to do, etc. Definitely brings some peace of mind. I feel as if I found a great friend to provide all sorts of help assistance for our trip. I just wanted to say “Merci”! Thank you for putting this information together. Very helpful!

  6. Bonjour Annie!
    I have been listening to your podcast obsessively over the last few weeks in preparation for my upcoming trip! I will be traveling the eastern and southern parts of France with my boyfriend for two weeks in June. I have gathered many tips from you on Chamonix, Carcassonne, and Provence, but I am left wanting more! In your episode about Strasbourg, it was mentioned that Colmar is lovely. We will be spending three nights there and would love suggestions of what to do and see.

    I also think that an episode on the best hikes in France would be a hit. I want to hike in the Alps, the Calanques, and Verdon Gorge to be sure, but that is about all I know.

    Lastly, are there any nice, tucked away places I should consider visiting? When I traveled to Ireland two summers ago, I managed to find a hidden glen where there were no other people and it was nice having a peaceful moment in my whirlwind of a trip…Not to mention it was beautiful!

    I also noticed you asked for Pinterest assistance in your episode on gifts. I’m happy to help if I am needed. Thank you!

    1. Hello Katie, yes, please Pinterest help! I truly don’t understand the platform, so I can’t even tell you what I need to ask for. Can we discuss via email? Colmar is on the list of places we want to talk about, but it’ll take a while to get to it. I LOVE the hikes idea, when you come back from your hikes let’s do a trip report on those! France is full of tucked away places. One great way to select where to try is look at the list of Plus beaux villages de France. I’ve never visited one that wasn’t great and they are all over the country (with higher concentrations in the south, what does that tell you?!) Have fun with your trip planning!

  7. Dear Annie
    On your podcast about Pont du Gard you mention a travel guide to this site that you would sell on Kindle. Unfortunately I don’t find it on Amazon nor on your website. Could you share a link to this publication? I will be visiting this site this summer.
    Are there any other guides published?
    Thank you for your work. I enjoy your shows.

    1. Thank you Francisco. Unfortunately, I never completed the book. I fully intend to do so, your message is an encouragement to me to get it done! If you have any specific questions please ask on the Join Us in France Closed Group on Facebook, lots of great tips there!

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